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Verizon iPhone causing fragmentation of iOS apps? We've got the real story

Sometimes, when journalists and bloggers hear something that sounds like a scoop, they rush to publish the story before anyone else can get it. Unfortunately, that sometimes has repercussions. Yesterday, I was talking to ZDNet's James Kendrick at the TeleNav Waypoint event in Cupertino when he m...

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TeleNav GPS for the Verizon iPhone announced

TeleNav, the company that brought the AT&T Navigator app and service to life a few years ago, today announced a navigation app tailored for Verizon customers who are getting a new phone soon: TeleNav GPS for the Verizon iPhone. The app isn't currently on the App Store, but it should be availabl...

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AT&T Navigator for iPhone updated, features direct speech recognition

If you're a subscriber to the free AT&T Navigator app and the associated service , then you'll want to load the latest update ASAP. AT&T Navigator v1.7i is the newest version of the TeleNav-powered app, and it's now the first iPhone GPS navigation app that incorporates direct speech ...

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TeleNav releases free OnMyWay notification app for iPhone

TeleNav is the developer of a lot of mobile navigation applications, including AT&T Navigator for the iPhone. Now the company has come out with an iPhone version of a popular app that originally launched for the BlackBerry platform -- OnMyWay. OnMyWay has a simple goal -- it tells another per...

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TeleNav: GPS helped guys get out of the Valentine's Day doghouse

TeleNav is known for its phone-based GPS navigation products, particular the AT&T Navigator app for iPhone. The company has over 11 million subscribers to its services, so it has a lot of data to sift through to find interesting location search trends. That data showed that GPS location se...

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