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Ultra-rare Apple WALT up for grabs on eBay

TUAW readers who are into collecting Apple devices are going to love this eBay find: a prototype of an unreleased product from 1993. The Apple WALT (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone) was introduced at Macworld Boston in '93, the same venue where the ill-fated Newton MessagePad first went on sale. ...

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Hands on: Apple Peel 520 transforms iPod touch into cell phone

There are all sorts of software-driven ways to treat your iPod touch like a phone, from Skype to Line 2 and beyond. Unfortunately, none of them actually adds a real cell to your unit. Enter the Apple Peel 520. An enhanced case, it contains a working phone unit that communicates with your iPod thr...

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VoiceCentral integrates Google Voice with the iPhone

If you're one of the lucky ones to have scored an invite to Google Voice, check out VoiceCentral. It's a very slick application which integrates well with the iPhone, making it possible to make calls through your Google Voice (or GrandCentral) account. Why would you want this? My primary reason for ...

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Parliant PhoneValet 6.0 now available

In the world of Mac telephony software, there's one leading product -- Parliant PhoneValet. Parliant today released version 6.0 of PhoneValet with some new features that make it even more attractive to small business owners. Those features include: Live receptionist -- Want to have a real person...

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First Look: RF telephony for iPhone

Internet Telephony Provider rf.com is getting ready to launch its iPhone-specific PBX service. The service allows you to place calls both internationally and to online providers like Skype using your normal iPhone minutes. So if you have a friend who's on Skype but has no Skype In access, you can ca...

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iPhones and Jajah

I recently stumbled across this article about Jajah and the iPhone. Jajah, for those of you unfamiliar with the service, is a free telephony provider that lets you make local and international calls[1]. You place the calls at the Jajah website, and they connect first to your regular phone and then t...

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