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TUAW Tips: 25 ways to check the hardware on your iPhone 4

I received my second replacement iPhone 4 yesterday. Considering the issues my first two iPhone 4 units had, I wanted to make absolutely certain, in as little time as possible, that this replacement unit didn't have anything wrong with it. Before I even picked it up from the store, I started putti...

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Found Footage: Four generations of iPhone compared

Here's a fun video of four generations of the iPhone -- original, 3G, 3GS, and 4 -- performing the same tasks simultaneously. From launching intensive apps like Plants vs. Zombies and Google Earth to shutting down and booting up, the differences in task durations are often significant. As you'd e...

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Consumer Reports now 'can't recommend' the iPhone 4

After a recent positive blog post stating that the iPhone 4 reception issues were not something that should prevent someone from buying the new iPhone, the nationwide testing firm has now changed its mind and given a thumbs down to Apple's latest efforts. In lab tests, Consumer Reports says the ...

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Rumor: BGR says Verizon Wireless currently testing iPads

Bad news about the AT&T iPad data plans got you down? Want to grasp at any strings you can about a possible Verizon announcement next week? We've got just the thing for you: Boy Genius Report says that Verizon is currently testing iPads out on their network. Rumor has it that they've got CDMA-co...

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Apple hiring camera expert for iPad, may include USB Audio support with connection kit

I still haven't picked up an iPad yet, though I'm pretty convinced I will soon -- even if I don't need one myself, there's obviously a lot of great apps out there to try. But already there's rumbling that the camera train is due for a stop at iPad station. Apple is hiring a new member of the iPad t...

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iPad tech specs reveal Cortex A8, 256MB Ram, PowerVR SGX 535

Now that the iPad has been out and tested for a few days, developers have a much better idea of what's exactly under that perfectly-formed hood. Turns out the A4 processor is modeled on the Cortex A8, a fact which was not only expected, but gives a little extra credence to the theory that chipmaker ...

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Developer-to-developer: application sharing for the iPhone simulator

Last week, TUAW showed you how to sign iPhone applications for informal developer-to-developer distribution. That approach lets you share applications between members of the iPhone developer program by using your signing credentials to authorize the application for use on your development units. iPh...

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Test your hearing with Audiometry for the iPhone

I was just listening to the great Sound Opinions music podcast the other day, and they had a woman on who was campaigning against hearing damage. In fact, she actually called out iPod headphones (as I was listening to the show on my iPhone) as one of today's leading causes of hearing damage -- too m...

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Espresso testers selected, beta coming late November

If you've been salivating for a shot of Espresso, the upcoming integrated web development environment for Mac OS X, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. An email sent this morning by the developer, MacRabbit's Jan Van Boghout, confirmed the status of those accepted into the beta program, b...

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Techie Swedes prove iPhone 3G reception is "normal"

Blogger Thomas Ricker over at our sibling site Engadget posted an interesting blurb early this morning. Curious about whether or not iPhone 3G is as bad as urban legend seems to make it out to be, engineers at Bluetest in Gothenburg, Sweden, tested it against a Nokia N73 and a Sony Ericsson P1. The...

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Silverback now available

UK web development team Clearleft has released its web site usability testing application, Silverback. In short, Silverback turns a Mac into a portable usability testing laboratory. What used to require a complicated and cumbersome set up involving several computers, a video camera, and lots of time...

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10.5.2 makes your WoW go faster

Our good friends over at WoW Insider (disclaimer: I'm a lead over there) have unlocked one of the first secrets about 10.5.2 (which dropped today in Software Update): it'll make World of Warcraft play faster. After hearing that the patch made reader Jason's Mac play faster, WoW Insider's Adam Holisk...

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Testing the iPhone's fake GPS

Mac|Life has a pretty neat breakdown of just how the iPhone's faux GPS work (or doesn't work, depending on the situation). Long story short, the Locations feature is pretty darn close-- unless you really do need GPS. On average, it seems like triangulation put the guessed location (represented by ...

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Rumor: Apple using 1.1.2 internally

A blue-and-green birdy is tweeting in our ears, this time telling us that iPhones running 1.1.2 firmware have been spotted in the UK during Apple training sessions. Is this good news or bad news for the hackers? Well, it's hard to tell but clearly if 1.1.2 is already in use, it hasn't been patched ...

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Up to 3GB of RAM in the Mac minis

Reader John L kindly dropped us a tip that Other World Computing has upped their Mac mini memory upgrades up to a whopping 3GB of RAM. And in fact, if you really want a Mini that flies, they'll even squeeze 4GB under the hood, even though they say the Mac Mini can't really handle that much. The perf...

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