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Apple announces Jan. 19 event at Guggenheim in NYC

Apple has sent out invitations to various media outlets, including The Loop, to attend an event centering on education at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on Jan. 19. The event is expected to focus on iTunes U and electronic textbooks and has been in the works since late September. At l...

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Apple event this month to focus on iTunes U and textbook initiative

Yesterday, TUAW reported on a rumored Apple media event to be held in New York City later this month. Shortly after that post blessed the Interwebs, TUAW followed up with further detail from sister site TechCrunch. The word from the TechCrunchers was that the January event will focus on iBooks an...

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Trade textbooks with The Amazon Student

Since forever, college students have done the trade-in dance at the beginning and end of semesters to exchange unwanted textbooks for cash. Usually that cash goes back to the bookstore for the next round of textbooks (or a bit of end-of-semester partying), but it's a tried-and-true way of getti...

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Watermelon Express now BenchPrep, publishing academic prep texts to iPad

Educational app maker Watermelon Express has shifted gears and entered the electronic textbook market. The Chicago-based company, now known as BenchPrep, has over 75 educational apps in the App Store, most of which were interactive textbooks and test prep materials made for larger, more traditi...

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Inkling makes deals for e-textbooks with key publishers

While many companies are talking about making the iPad the platform for electronic textbooks, one San Francisco startup appears to be moving boldly into making the dream a reality. Inkling has announced that it'll be receiving financial backing from two of the largest names in textbook publishin...

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Textbooks for iPad progress with Inkling

As we said last year, long before the iPad became public, whichever ebook manufacturer nails the textbook market will have a distinct and serious advantage. Inkling (free) represents a huge step forward. It's a "textbook platform" for the iPad that uses social connectivity and the features of the iO...

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Publishing different: What the tablet brings to the table

Like newspapers before them, traditional book publishers are facing the reality of the new digital world. With Apple's much anticipated tablet expected to debut within the next few months, they're under more pressure than ever before to "Think Different". Moving from print to digital isn't a smooth ...

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WSJ: Tablet confirmed, Apple to reinvent old media

All of their information is centered on the alleged mystery device that will allegedly be announced at a now official event next week. Here are some of the juicier tidbits they passed on from those mysterious people "familiar with" what's happening on Inifinite Loop: Always partial to the educat...

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Textbook publishers dream of the tablet

One of the things Apple should do to achieve runaway success with the tablet is incorporate textbooks. The folks at Coursesmart, a joint venture of five publishers that sells college textbooks as ebooks, have produced a video demonstrating how it could work.* In the video, the user flips thro...

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CourseSmart brings textbooks to an iPhone near you

The electronic textbooks pandemic, er, market, continues to spread its influence to handheld gadgets: PC World reports that CourseSmart, an e-textbook publisher, has created an iPhone application, eTextbooks for the iPhone [iTunes link], to make its entire 7,000+ title catalog available on your ind...

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