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Friday Favorite: TextEdit

What's free, flexible, easy-to-use but powerful and can handle a wide variety of file types? Our good friend, TextEdit, an app that ships with every Mac. TextEdit is, of course, a simple text editing tool like Notepad or WordPad on Windows. But there's a lot more to "simple text editing" that you mi...

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Create a clutter-free writing environment for free

When WriteRoom debuted, many of us were impressed with the software and the idea of a focused interface that just lets you write. WriteRoom allows you to write on a screen of nothing but text, and the default view mimics the way many of us used with our first word processor (myself included): green...

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Mac 101: Shorten text using the Summarize Service

Have you ever been reading a long article and wished you could somehow magically make it shorter? With a Mac OS X service called "Summarize," you can do with a few simple clicks. In many applications such as Safari, Pages, and TextEdit, you can select a block of text and click the application name...

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Sidenote keeps your notes on the side

So for quite a while now I've been using nothing more complicated than TextEdit to keep a list of what I've got on my plate any given day -- I stuck an "Untitled" text file in the top corner of my screen, and just kept it open all the time. But I wasn't quite satisfied with that -- at the end of the...

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Leopard Love: "Go To" in TextEdit

TextEdit doesn't get much love. BBEdit, SubEthaEdit, and so forth grab the spotlight and all the attention. But I'm a TextEdit gal. I love the Emacs-like support and the price tag. For years now, I've resorted to Lorax's textextras to get "go to line". It's critical when you're debugging and you ne...

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Leopard's TextEdit Thinks Different

Who would have thought that one of Apple's most memorable ad campaigns and Leopard's most talked about features would collide? That's right, Think Different and Resolution Independence have joined forces to bring us Leopard's all new TextEdit icon. Head on over to NSLog to read the lovely letter tha...

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TUAW Hands On with the Apple Keyboard

Yesterday I took a little trip down to my local Apple Store (the Michigan Ave. store here in Chicago) to check out the Keyboard. That's what Apple is calling their latest engineering marvel-- not the iBoard or the MacBoard, just Keyboard. I got a chance to check out the new iMac, and play with the...

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Terminal Tip: Output man pages as plain text with col

Ever try to open a man page in TextEdit using man | open -f? You end up with the kind of unreadable repeated characters shown here. This all dates back to the days of dot matrix and daisy wheel printing when the only way you could produce bold type was to repeatedly print characters. Fortunately, t...

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TextMate: Power Editing for the Mac

Some people balk at the idea of paying for a text editor. 'Doesn't OS X ship with a pretty good text editor called TextEdit,' they say. That is very true, but if you make your living creating text documents (whether they be code, blog posts, or content of some other kind) TextEdit just won't cut it....

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TextEdit data loss concerns

Over at MacOSXHints, Rob G. has posted a must-read article about possible data loss from TextEdit's Save dialog. The problem stems from TextEdit's (and Cocoa's) willingness to overwrite entire folders with text files. This data security hole seems to occur because "bundle" style files (which are act...

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Automator Action Packs galore

In my newsreader today I saw an 'iPhoto Action Pack' from Automator World that adds a handy action for workflows involving iPhoto: "Find iPhoto Item Path". While debating whether that was TUAW-worthy, my newsreader became bombarded with more headlines like System Action Pack, TextEdit Action Pack, P...

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Close brackets and braces easily with AutoPairs

If you're the type that spends the day staring at a display and typing code, we'd bet you'd appreciate any utility that will make the process easier. Check out AutoPairs. It's a Mac OS X preference pane that closes your brackets, braces and quotes for you. Type a left bracket, for instance, and a ri...

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TUAW Tip: Copy text formatting

When I'm writing an e-mail or fiddling in TextEdit, I often copy in text from another location (Safari, another e-mail, etc.). Doing that, of course, copies the formatting along with it, screwing up the consistency of the document. (So, say I'm writing a 12-point Arial doc in TextEdit; I copy over s...

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