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TypeIt4Me 4 adds Autocue and automatic spelling correction

I've been a fan of TextPander for a while, but way back in the day I used to use TypeIt4Me for my auto-expanding text snippets needs. The developer, Riccardo Ettore, has been writing Mac software since before OS X and he's got a new version of TypeIt4Me out that adds a couple of particularly interes...

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TUAW Tip: TextExpander can subscribe to text snippets

This isn't quite so much a killer trick or hack you can perform on TextExpander - an indispensable time-saving text abbreviation and expansion utility - as much as it's a neat feature that I just recently discovered. TextExpander can export a list of all your text snippets and corresponding abbrev...

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SmileOnMyMac Releases TextExpander 1.3, the Customizable Typing Timesaver Tool

Earlier in May, SmileOnMyMac acquired Textpander, a really handy (and free) text insertion utility. Today, they released their first official version update in which they changed the name to TextExpander, added a few snippet-creation features and are now charging a lump-in-throat inducing price of ...

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SmileOnMyMac acquires Textpander

Textpander, an application we have blogged about before, has been acquired by SmileOnMyMac. SmileOnMyMac plans an update for the application that will add features to this program that let's you save time by typing in a kind of short hand. They will also be renaming the application TextExpander (jus...

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