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Talkcast, 7PM PST/10PM EST: Verizon iPhones and The Daily

If it's Sunday night, it must be Talkcast time! Tonight's live show will likely include a sprinkling of Macworld chat, along with other newsy bits from the week. We had Verizon iPhones line up for pre-order, The Daily launch event and another wave of iPad 2 rumors. Also, don't forget that Kelly host...

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US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords loves her iPad

Here's an interesting example of a shared story from The Daily in which US Representative Gabrielle Giffords proclaims her love of the iPad, and explains how she uses it for work. The Daily's Elizabeth Saab interviewed Rep. Giffords shortly before she was shot in Arizona, and the main topic was the ...

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Reuters staffer spots iPad 2 at The Daily launch event

Imagine, if you will, a high-profile introduction for a major new media product on the iPad; major enough to merit attendance and brief remarks from Apple's Eddy Cue. Let's posit for a moment that the room is filled with professional journalists who make it their business to notice small details tha...

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Dave Caolo: Another look at The Daily

Earlier today, my colleague Steve Sande published his initial impressions of The Daily, and Mel Martin added his perspective as a journalist. I also spent some time with the app this afternoon, and I have collected my initial thoughts here. UI and Navigation The Daily's designers were extreme...

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Mel Martin: The Daily through the eyes of one journalist

I've spent most of my life in the news business, both in reporting and management. Given that, something like The Daily is of high interest to me, both as a new media observer and as a voracious news consumer. From where I sit, The Daily looks pretty good. It's attractive, has some depth and has a ...

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Steve Sande: A first look at The Daily

I haven't read a newspaper since the Rocky Mountain News went belly-up a few years ago, and I'm not a fan of broadcast or cable news at all. So Rupert Murdoch (at right, during this morning's press conference) and his minions at News Corp have a long way to go to impress someone who pretty much get...

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App Store terms and conditions updated to cover subscriptions

If you download The Daily (or any other app) from the App Store today, you'll be prompted to read and accept new terms and conditions. The update addresses subscriptions; something we and publishers have been anticipating and debating for a long time. According to the new T&C, "Purchases o...

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The Daily now available in the App Store

As of this writing, Rupert Murdoch and team are taking questions from the press during The Daily's launch event, and the app itself is now live in the App Store. The long-anticipated app was finally demonstrated and released earlier today. Verizon is sponsoring a free two-week trial period for all c...

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The Daily launch at 11am to stream live, coming to compete

It's less than an hour until the NYC launch event for The Daily, News Corp's much-anticipated newspaper for the iPad. If you want to keep up with the event live, it appears that it will be streamed directly from For those who follow such things, Poynter has sussed out the likely masth...

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"Daily" iPad newspaper to launch January 17

Rupert Murdoch's iPad-exclusive publication, The Daily, is rumored to arrive on January 17. All Things Digital's Peter Kafka quotes "multiple sources," saying "News Corp plans to launch the publication by the week of January 17." The Daily is the much-rumored, iPad-only publication from News Corp...

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News Corp plays coy about iPad-exclusive publication, suggests 2011 launch

You've probably heard us mention the upcoming iPad-exclusive publication "The Daily" coming soon from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. In fact, you have likely also read about the fact that it had been delayed until 2011. Well, now we have a maybe/sorta/kinda confirmation of the publication itself, as Ne...

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Daily iPad publication reportedly delayed until 2011

The Financial Times (FT) is reporting today (subscription required) that Rupert Murdoch's forthcoming iPad publication, The Daily, may be delayed until 2011. Quoting "people familiar to the project," FT says that the joint venture between News Corp and Apple is likely to debut next year. Neither App...

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