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Sunrise calendar, Things productivity apps updated

Sunrise calendar has always been a 3rd choice for me, behind Apple's and Readdle's excellent Calendars 5 (I use Fantastical + BusyCal on my Mac). But after hearing a lot of smart people rave about Sunrise, I've decided to give it a try. Lucky for me, a new update adds some great features and a gr...

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Apple discounts OS X task managers in new Get Stuff Done promotion

Apple launched a new three-week promotion on OS X productivity apps. The Get Stuff Done offer starts this week and features a handful of task managers. We've already told you about Things 2, which is available at 50% off its regular price of $49.99. Also included in the sale are Todo ($6.99),...

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Things 2 for Mac now on sale for 50% off

Cultured Code has a treat for Mac owners looking for a new task manager. Starting today, Things 2 for Mac is on sale for US$24.99, a 50 percent discount off the app's normal $49 price tag. Things is a fantastic to-do manager that appeals to a wide range of users. With tags, projects and areas...

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Things 2 now out, adds long-awaited cloud sync

Cultured Code has released Things 2, an update to its Things task manager, including the very, very long-awaited cloud sync capability. Did we mention that we've been waiting for it for awhile? The best news is that unlike rival The Hit List, cloud support is free on Things 2. Things 2 is a m...

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Things Cloud public beta goes live

Last year, Things developer Cultured Code announced a cloud syncing service for the Mac (US$49.99), iPad ($19.99), and iPhone/iPod touch ($9.99) versions of their to-do app. Now the company has finally announced the availability of the public beta of Things Cloud. Prior to today, Cultured Code was...

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Cultured Code releases Things Cloud Sync beta

Of the many to-do apps available in the App Stores, one of the perennial favorites is Things from Cultured Code (US$9.99 for iPhone/iPod touch, $19.99 for iPad, $49.99 for Mac). While the cross-platform app has been lauded for its beautiful user interface and ease of use, there have been contin...

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Mac App Store pricing of featured apps

Now that the Mac App Store is available, we've taken a look at pricing of some of the top apps (all links will open the Mac App Store). Here's a quick look at some apps we've been anticipating, including a very steep discount. Pixelmator 1.6.4, the image editing app billed as a light weight Ph...

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Apple highlights third party iPad apps with walkthrough videos

Apple has posted a new web page highlighting some third-party apps made for the iPad, complete with their own Apple-produced demo videos. Each highlighted app gets a description, App Store link and demo clip. The clips are short and to the point while showing off an app's main features. Among 'Th...

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First Look: Taska for iPad and iPhone

I'm by no means a power GTD user, but like a lot of you I am juggling different projects and need to find a way to organize them. When I was younger, I carried around a paper planner, but now I have an iPhone and an iPad in addition to my desktop Mac. The iPad on its own makes an awesome replacement...

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iPad launch first look: Things for iPad

Cultured Code has released the iPad version of their classic iPhone task list app, Things. The new Things for iPad (US$19.99), as you can see in the video above, is absolutely gorgeous on the new Apple platform, and benefits greatly from the larger layout. I've personally downloaded the iPad vers...

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Things coming to iPad, updates to 1.3

At the end of his latest blog post, Cultured Code's Jürgen Schweizer revealed that the company is working on a version of Things for the iPad. The announcement isn't that surprising, especially given that The Omni Group announced at the beginning of February that its software suite, includin...

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Postbox adds Things and OmniFocus support

The first time I heard about Postbox, it was a relatively new email client for the Mac. Based on the details in the first announcement and my trial run, I was very intrigued. I recall telling the rest of TUAW that -- if its stated goals were achieved -- it had the potential to take over my ...

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Win a copy of Things for Mac and iPhone

I have used a lot of productivity apps on my Mac and my iPhone. I wound up using Things every day because, for me, it struck the perfect balance of features and flexibility. Now three lucky winners will get a chance to see the Mac-iPhone sync, the keyboard shortcuts and the excellent tagging feature...

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Tips and tricks: Putting Things in your Dropbox makes syncing simple

After several years of trying to figure out what task manager for Mac and iPhone worked best with my peculiar style of organization, I finally settled on Things from Cultured Code. The Mac application is easy to use, uncluttered, and can take advantage of many keyboard shortcuts, while the iPhone a...

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Mac power tools: charge up your workflow

I recently bought a new Mac, and I decided not to migrate years of cruft over to a pristine Snow Leopard install. I also decided to shed years of stale workflow and adopt a new way of doing things. Enter the power tools: software that augments the power and performance of OS X to do things faster a...

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