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Win a copy of Things for Mac

The productivity wars are heating up on the Mac, aren't they? iGTD is no more, but Cultured Code acquired some brains from that operation and now there's a shiny new version of Things (and another update today). If you've never tried Things, there's never been a better time. Plus, we're giving away...

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Help cure diabetes, win great Mac software

Developer Jim Whimpey is riding a bike to cure diabetes, and he's asking for your help (and promising a chance at some great Mac software). For every $10 you donate to his upcoming ride in southern Australia, he'll throw your name in a raffle to win one of two big Mac software bundles, both worth al...

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iGTD's Bartek Bargiel joins Cultured Code, Things 1.2 hits the streets

I have very fond memories of iGTD, and of its sole developer, Bartek Bargiel. The much-anticipated iGTD2 never really reached fruition, much to our dismay. There are a good number of people still using iGTD and iGTD2 today, even after development ceased quite some time ago, and I'd wager that anyo...

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Things 1.1/Things Touch 1.3.5: Area Sync

Things Touch 1.3.5 has been released along with Things 1.1 and, among a heap of bug fixes and UI improvements, you'll find a new feature for syncing Areas of Responsibility from your Mac to your iPhone (it's not yet possible to create Areas in Things Touch). The feature requires Things 1.1 on the Ma...

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Win a copy of Things for Mac and iPhone

We've covered Things for Mac and the iPhone version before. Things is a slick task management tool with a ton of features, clean layout and powerful organization capabilities. Adding the iPhone version (works on the touch, of course) means you can take your tasks with you -- and sync wirelessly wh...

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Macworld Expo: Big things for Things

It was a heck of a coming-out party for Cultured Code's Things, the task organizer and GTD platform for Mac and iPhone. With a passel of awards for the product (including a Macworld Best in Show) and a shipping 1.0 version of the desktop app, the CC gang had plenty to celebrate. I stopped by the Cul...

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Things 1.0rc now available

Cultured Code has issued the 1.0 release candidate for Things, its popular GTD application, a little more than a week ahead of its official launch on January 6. Things 1.0rc has a huge list of changes including new icons, the ability to reorder to-dos in the Today list across project and area bounda...

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Things (finally) adds global search

Things, one of the top contenders in the Mac GTD application lineup, has updated to 0.9.6 on their way to a planned 1.0 release at the Macworld Expo. The update includes some interface polish, but the biggest news is the addition of global search. It's been one of the most requested features, and I'...

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GTD: Real-life experience with Things

I'll admit it -- I'm a notorious procrastinator. Give me something to do and no deadline, and I'll put it off until everyone forgets about it. Give me a deadline and I'll wait until the deadline is looming before I'll get things going. This not only happens in my professional life, but my personal l...

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Things brings the sync

If you love Things, you just got a whole lot more to love. The folks at Cultured Code have finally added iCal sync, and they've done a spectacular job with it (outdoing, in my opinion, OmniFocus' sync). In the preferences, you can sync just your "Today" tasks, or just your "Next Actions," or you can...

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Things gets recurring tasks

The GTD app scene has been pretty quiet for a while now. Only OmniFocus seems to be regularly showing signs of development at a pace that offers some real hope for the new generation of task managers. But Things has updated to version 0.9, and offers a couple of new features that fill some major hol...

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Things public preview released

Things, the up-and-coming darling of the über-productive, due-date-defying, thing-doing GTD crowd has released a public preview today. And I, as your hyphen-wielding blogger, am duly excited. A few of us here at TUAW have been playing with the private alpha of Things for a while. Things provide...

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Beta Beat: Actiontastic 0.8.2, Quicksilver Integration

Actiontastic, one of the contenders to be the go-to application for Mac using GTD-ers, has just been updated to version 0.8.2, and brings with it some spiffy upgrades including interface tweaks, a complete back-end database re-coding, and various bug fixes. But obviously those things alone don't war...

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50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod

Ok, so the list only hits 44, but still, who couldn't use a few more things to do with their little white gadget? I mean, only playing music on an iPod is so... 2001. Anyway, has put together quite the creative list of *other* things you can do with your iPod. Notable alternatives include...

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