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Z2Live picks up former AAA execs, rebrands as Z2

Z2Live is the company behind some really big freemium hits on the iOS App Store, including Battle Nations and Trade Nations. The company has today announced that it's rebranding itself as Z2, dropping the "Live" and premiering a new brand identity on its new website. Beyond the rebranding, Z2...

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Daily iPad App: Wrestlefest brings the smackdown

THQ recently released a game called Wrestlefest on the App Store, and it's a weird mix of retro gaming and iOS. If you're a WWE fan, you'll probably love Wrestlefest. There's plenty of knock-down and several WWE stars, plus various game modes and moves to enjoy. The game itself is hard to quantify...

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Coming soon: Lightsaber duels on the iPhone

Do you need a weapon that's not as clumsy or random as a blaster, or perhaps, an elegant weapon from a more civilized age? Soon, there will be an app for that. THQ Wireless, the maker of several Star Wars-themed iPhone apps including The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: Trench Run, will release a new ...

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THQ's Pass the Pigs in the App Store

Our friends at THQ have sent word that their latest iPhone game, Pass the Pigs, is in the App Store right now. You may have already played this one (and if you haven't, there's an online version to check out for free). Apparently you toss pigs in the air, and get points for however they land, like a...

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Apple to show off THQ's De Blob at Apple Stores

The good folks at THQ just dropped us a note that they've signed a pretty big deal with Apple -- their game, De Blob, which I played at E3 and previewed for Joystiq (and talked with the creator for TUAW), will be installed on in-store iPhones as a demo game. They say that the game's use of the acc...

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Lightsaber Unleashed returns to the App Store, with ads and dialogue

Yes, in case you haven't grabbed it yet, Lightsaber Unleashed has been rereleased into the App Store. Originally it was called Phonesaber (and it was one of our favorite freebies), but of course Lucasfilm wasn't going to let an unofficial app fly, and now they've passed it off to THQ and rereleased ...

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