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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me find a better alarm

Dear Aunt TUAW, Why do all iPhone alarm clock apps have to simulate an old and unattractive 7-segment display? Or the old, cheap, unattractive flip-clock display? I understand the gee-wiz factor of emulating these classic displays, but aren't we way past that point? I would love to see a simple,...

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Time Inc. exec makes the leap to iPad startup Flipboard

The New York Post is reporting that digital journalist Josh Quittner is leaving Time magazine to join startup Flipboard as its new editorial director. Flipboard is a personalized social magazine app for the iPad. You can enter your Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow any number of sites' RSS ...

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Still more iPhone alarm clock issues in the UK

You'd think that after the clock returned to Daylight Saving Time a little while back, iOS clocks would be back to normal, but no. Macworld is reporting that iPhone users in the UK are having even more issues with their device clocks, with some alarms not going off and others going off at the w...

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More iPhone clock problems reported

Apple continues to deal with problems with the clock on the iPhone -- this first cropped up back in November, when clocks were turned back an hour to standard time. Some issues were still popping up in January, and now this weekend, as clocks were turned forward for Daylight Savings time in the U...

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iPhone alarms may fail to activate on New Year's Day

If you're using your iPhone or iPod touch as your primary alarm clock, it might be time to reconsider. In 2010, Apple had well-publicized difficulties with the switchover to Daylight Saving Time. Alarms failed to go off at their proper times, causing thousands of people in the Southern Hemisphere t...

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Attention US iPhone users: use a standby alarm clock for now

If you live in the United States, you're probably already aware that the nation is set to switch to Standard Time on November 7, moving clocks one hour back. What you may not be aware of is that if you're using an iPhone or other iOS device as your primary alarm clock, it might not make the switch ...

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iOS Daylight Saving Time bug hits Europe (and the US too?)

Update: Some of our commenters are reporting that they're also seeing hour-early alarms in parts of North America. It's not yet clear if this is widespread or idiosyncratic, and if all 4.x devices are affected. Update #2: Engadget points out that alarms set never to repeat, or set to repeat every d...

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iOS alarms broken for New Zealand users after Daylight Saving

We just started Daylight Saving Time in New Zealand yesterday. Since then, many iOS users here have experienced what's probably one of the weirdest bugs I've ever seen: our alarms are now going off an hour early. My iPhone's alarm woke me up at 5:50 in the morning today instead of 6:50, and it turn...

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Time Inc. relents on digital magazine prices

For the past few months, Time Inc. has been at odds with Apple over magazine subscription models in the App Store. The publishing giant took a big step forward this week in announcing that People Magazine for the iPad will now be free for those who subscribe to the paper version, though that doesn't...

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iPad ads more lucrative than iPhone spots

Here's an interesting little finding regarding Apple's iOS devices -- Mobclix claims that for the month of July 2010, ads on the iPad were actually more lucrative than ads running on iPhone apps. The effective cost per thousand impressions is actually five times higher on the iPad than on the iPhon...

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Time, Inc., Apple at odds over App Store subscriptions

Remember this video demonstrating Time, Inc.'s vision for a tablet-based version of Sports Illustrated (SI)? It preceded the iPad's release and got many fans excited for the future. The real thing isn't quite so impressive, but the demo demonstrates the publisher's enthusiasm for the emerging platfo...

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Steve Jobs on Time magazine cover again

There's a super article in the current issue of Time magazine featuring Stephen Fry's interview with Steve Jobs. As you may know, Stephen Fry is a writer, actor and comedian. He was also the 2nd person in all of Britain to own a Macintosh (author Douglas Adams was the first). That's precisely why th...

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Billings Touch hits the App Store

We mentioned its imminent arrival a few days back, and now it's here: Billings Touch [iTunes link] hit the App Store last night (Free, $15 in-app upgrade for full functionality). It's packed with time and expense tracking features, client management, invoicing, and other necessities of the freelance...

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Magazine publishers joining together for iTunes-like magazine store

The New York Observer is reporting that Time, Inc. executive VP John Squires has been making the rounds of other major publishing houses lately with one thing in mind: creating an iTunes-like magazine store for digital distribution of their titles. At this time, it appears that Time, Inc., Cond&eacu...

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Time names Apple MacBook, iPod touch among best travel gadgets

Time Magazine has published their list of 2009's best travel gadgets, and the iPod touch and MacBook have made the cut. Time notes the MacBook's size and high green ratings as well as the iPod touch's speed, Wi-Fi compatibility and library of games worked in their favor. I do my share of travelin...

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