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Jobs, Ive nominated for Time's "most influential"

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive have been identified as candidates for the next Time 100 Poll, which is a list of the nation's most influential business people. Both Steve and Jonathan have appeared in Time before (Steve made the cover five times), and Steve has made previous Time 100 lists. Magazine c...

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Time Magazine 'Person of the Year' cover redux, courtesy of that iSight trick

As you may know, Time Magazine recently declared you as the person of the year. While this is a mighty nice gesture on their part, Dan Wood has created a redux of the cover for iSight-enabled Mac users that truly resembles you as Time's award-winning person of the year. He's using that slick iSight ...

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God is a Mac user

This week's TIME Magazine features an interesting Essay on page 103. Evan Eisenberg checks God's email. If you click the pic above you can see the full-sized image I scanned in, which offers even more insight into God's computing habits. I knew the big guy was a Mac user! God uses Mail.app, obvious...

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Time Magazine's love affair with Apple continues

There are some serious Mac-heads at Time Magazine. The MacBook is their current "Gadget of the Week," and author Wilson Rothman had this to say in his article: "You get a computer that runs both Mac OS X and Windows XP today, and even appears to meet the minimum requirements for Vista once it gets h...

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MacBook Pro is Time's Gadget of the Week

Time Magazine's love affair with Apple continues (Tiger was Gadget of the Week, iPod shuffle was Gadget of the Week, G5 iMac was Gadget of the Week, Intel iMac was Gadget of the Week, Steve in Time's Top 100) as they name the MacBook Pro the Gadget of the Week. Wilson Rothman writes: "It's easy...

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Intel iMac is Time's Gadget of the Week

Back in November, Time Magazine chose the G5 iMac as their Gadget of the Week. Today, the Intel-powered iMac has received the same recognition. From the article: "The first thing you notice about Apple's new iMac — running the Intel Core Duo chipset rather than an older PowerPC chip &mdas...

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