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Tag: timer

A roundup of clock apps for the iPad

One of the more surprising app omissions from the iPad was the iPhone's Clock app. It's an extremely useful iPhone app, featuring a world clock, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. Why Apple didn't choose to add this app to the iPad is a mystery for the ages, but at least it's opened up the market for some...

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TUAW's Daily App: Space Invaders Business Cards

The Taito Corporation is the Japanese developer that owns the Space Invaders franchise, and they have done something pretty crazy with the App Store. They've released a series of completely free, Space Invaders-branded apps, most of which have nothing to do with the game at all. There's the Space I...

Continue Reading, Six useful Mac apps from Thoughtful Tree

TUAW receives a lot of app submissions for review, both for Mac and iPhone. But it's unusual when a developer sends us individual press releases for a relatively large number of apps. Steven Degutis is the brain behind a company called Thoughtful Tree. In his words, "I'm an indie Mac developer who ...

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Get paid for your time: On The Job 3.0

On The Job 3.0 was released today, and it's poised to give my long-standing favorite time-tracking app, Billings 3, a good run for its money. On The Job 3 represents a complete rewrite of the application. It's such a new and different beast from its previous incarnations that -- in the words of th...

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Widget Watch: Minutes

The best widgets, in my view, do one simple thing and do it well. That description would fit Minutes, a great little countdown timer widget. With Minutes you just grab the little blue triangle and spin it around to choose your interval (in whole minutes). When it reaches zero it gives you a Growl no...

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Quicksilver Tip: Timed Reminders

Quicksilver never fails to impress. I just ran across this excellent tip on for setting little timed reminders to yourself. There are a plethora of little egg timer type applications for OS X, but why bother with one of those when you can do this in Quicksilver? Suppose you want to ...

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Gawker updated with more camera support, desktop time-lapsing

Gawker, the clever app for recording, sharing and combining time-lapse movies, has been updated to version 0.70 with some unique features. It is now compatible with non-iSight cameras, including even DV cameras, and can record from up to four cameras simultaneously (when you consider the power of us...

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Widget Watch: The Daily Grind

If you have one of those jobs that requires to you track just how much time you spend on a given task (or if you're just a compulsive nut), check out The Daily Grind. It's a Dashboard widget that lets you start several individual timers, and give a custom name to each one. Plus, you can copy the res...

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