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All the cool things your Mac can do

I know your Mac is really cool, and you know it's really cool, but do all of your friends (especially those using Windows)? One of the things I really enjoy is gloating showing off some of my Mac's more interesting tricks, a job made easier by this cool list at Silver Mac. They describe one of my fa...

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Prolonging your iPod's battery life

Sure, you can repair your iPod's battery when you need to, but wouldn't you rather just avoid the issue in the first place? Chris Breen thinks so, and he's offering several tips for keeping your battery healthy and strong for as long as possible. A few of  his suggestions I already do, like fli...

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One Minute Podcasting Tips

You love to podcast, but you just don't have the time to spend tweaking settings and trying out new tricks. I'm right, aren't I? We're all very busy people with lots of things to do (and lots of media to create). That's whereOne Minute Tip comes in. The whole blog is just a series of short tips and ...

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