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Rumor: TiVo stock climbs on talk of deal with Apple for new Apple TV

A small post in Barron's noted today that TiVo shares have jumped up about 5% today on rumors that the company's DVR technology may be included in the next iteration of the Apple TV. TiVo's Premiere device has greater functionality than the Apple TV, with the ability to record up to 150 hours of ...

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Followup: Transmit TV audio through your Mac

After my post earlier this week about transmitting Mac audio, readers contacted me about extending this solution. Although they liked the idea of direct audio while working out on a treadmill or exercise bike, several stated that they also wanted to watch from the sofa once the spouse or the kid go...

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DVR Remote 2 available, but you may want to wait

Stutsman Software has released version 2 of DVR Remote, an app we covered a while back that lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control for your TiVo Series 3 via WiFi. One user, however, is reporting an issue with a Now Playing list that never ends -- that is, its contents are repea...

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Got a TiVo? Your iPhone is your friend

If you have a TiVo, there are several apps in the App Store that can make recording and playing your favorite shows just a little easier. While none of them allow playback on the iPhone or iPod touch themselves, they're still useful tools for TiVo-holics. For those with TiVo Series 3 boxes, DVR Remo...

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Schedule DirecTV recording with your iPhone

A lot of people may know about this, and a lot may not. Here's the straight skinny. Last year DirecTV rolled out the ability to go to a web page and give instructions to your DVR to record a program. TiVo and Replay TV also had this ability for quite some time. Meanwhile Dish Network just announced ...

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TiVo launches mobile site

Earlier this week, TiVo announced their new mobile site,, and it's OK. Definitely not the solution I've been wanting from TiVo, but good at what it does. I tested it out on my iPhone and was able to find and schedule a recording easily. In fact, the process should be very familiar to anyo...

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SuperSync adds support for TiVo Mp3s

We posted about SuperSync last year, and we just posted about another iTunes library syncing app, Syncopation. But just in case you've been waiting to sync your music libraries not just across iTunes but also to your TiVo, the wait is over -- SuperSync version 2.3 now does just that. You can connect...

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Show floor video: El Gato HD hardware and EyeTV 3

While we wait for Apple to cram a TV tuner or cable card into the Apple TV (don't hold your breath-- seriously), El Gato continues to pump out some nice hardware/software tools for watching the tube on your Mac. One thing that caught my eye: you can start distributing recorded live video around your...

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Widget Watch: Showcase your TiVo's content on your Mac

Unfortunately, an HD TiVo was too expensive for me in 2007, and none of my friends or relatives ponied up the cash to get me one as a gift this holiday season, so I'm forced to settle with the extremely inferior Comcast HD DVR box. But for you TiVo owners, here's an awesome plugin to easily and st...

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Workaround for iTunes Plus files on TiVo

I have a TiVo that's on my wireless network. Occasionally, I use it to listen to the music that lives on my iMac as I cook or what have you. It's known that music purchased from the iTunes store won't play via TiVo, and I was hoping that the DRM-free iTunes Plus upgrade would change that. Wrong. TiV...

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Roxio says stand-alone TiVo To Go client a "possibility"

I spoke with the folks at the Roxio booth here at Macworld Expo 2007 about that slight complaint many of us have over the much-anticipated new TiVo To Go client being bundled into Toast for the not-so-low price of $99. Obviously, if you're looking for the power of Toast and TiVo To Go, this is a ...

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This just in: Roxio charging $99 for free software

Michael posted that Roxio has released a new version of Toast, complete with a highly-anticipated bundled version of TiVoToGo for Mac OS X. While this is certainly a joyous day for those anxiously awaiting the ability to Macify their TiVo content, I can't help but have a severely bitter taste in m...

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Roxio ships TiVo to Go for Mac

Engadget and Zatz Not Funny! are reporting that Roxio -- yes, Popcorn, Toast with Jam, that Roxio -- has partnered with TiVo to deliver the long-awaited TiVotoGo for Mac client, built in to Toast Titanium 8. All together, everyone: "Wha?!?" The new Toast will allow you to browse your TiVo content, ...

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TiVoDecode Manager fulfills TUAW prediction

It's nice for TUAW when Laurie is proven prescient, although it does tend to give her a slight air of haughty competence. Just five days ago she and Dave Zatz figured "a GUI wrapper can't be far behind" for the TiVoDecode tool... and now there are two. David Benesch's TiVoDecode Manager is a full-fe...

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Rumor: Apple's iTV product to have TiVo Inside®

The latest in pre-Macworld rumors is another case of wishful thinking with no shred of credible evidence to back it up. An anonymous tipster told PVRWire yesterday that "Apple will be licensing TiVo patented technology for iTV. Also, the name iTV has changed to Mac Media Capsule." Wow! Really? Um....

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