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Germans to get iPhone 3G for ???1

T-Mobile has released the iPhone 3G rate plans (link auf Deutsch) for Germany and it looks like our lucky friends in Deutschland are getting a major subsidy. The 8Gb iPhone will be available for as little as €1 with monthly plan of €69 while the 16Gb iPhone will be €19.95 with a month...

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T-Mobile to retain iPhone exclusivity in Germany

At the Reuters Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Paris today, T-Mobile CEO Hamid Akhavan said he expected to continue being the exclusive iPhone provider in Germany, citing the company's strong relationship with Apple. He also noted that "if and when" there is a 3G iPhone, T-Mobile anticipa...

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Report: Germans buy 10,000 iPhones

T-Mobile is reporting that 10,000 iPhones were sold in Germany on the first day of sales. A store in Cologne re-opened at 12:01 AM for the event, and T-Mobile reps distributed blankets, umbrellas and warm snacks to shoppers standing in wind and rain. No activation numbers have been released yet. It ...

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iPhone coming to Germany, again on November 9th

The Guardian newspaper seems to have its sources right, as today sees Steve in Germany to announce the availability of the iPhone there. The 8Gb model will go on sale on 9th November (anyone want to bet against a November 9th launch for France being announced tomorrow?), cost €399 ($553 / &po...

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