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Want amazing to-do lists? Try Any.DO

It seems our lives grow busier and busier as the years go by. Perhaps two of the busiest demographics are college students and mothers (especially the mothers). While I have never been a mother, I have been a college student, and Any.DO was the perfect lifesaver during the craziness of my final se...

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Check out Check Off for a simple to do list

Check Off is a free little tool that sits discreetly in your menu bar and pops open with a single click to display a basic to do list. I wasn't a big fan of Tiger's native to do list so I started using this a few months ago and it's been a pretty handy little app. Though it looks like Apple finally ...

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To-Do lists get funky with LifeShaker

Okay, I couldn't resist posting about the new to-do list app LifeShaker from Funky Cloud, if only to comment on their clever marketing. This is the first piece of software I can remember to have a movie-style trailer (not just a screencast). LifeShaker is an interesting take on to-do organizing. It ...

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