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Video App Demo: Wasabi

Wasabi is another in a crowded market of "to do" apps, aiming to keep your to do lists handy across iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There are a number of novel twists keeping Wasabi worth a look for your listmaking needs. The most unique feature are text files which become quicklists, a preset sel...

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WWDC Interview: Appigo

Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) interviews Calvin Gaisford of Appigo at WWDC 2011. Calvin was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. Appigo makes the excellent Todo series of pro...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Wunderlist

Have you ever found managing and syncing your task list more difficult than it really needs to be? Wunderlist is the answer. An incredibly simple, intuitive and good looking program, Wunderlist makes creating, syncing and clearing a list of tasks quick and easy. Either use the "Add your task ...

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Appigo just beat Things to cloud sync with latest Todo for Mac

I've been a Todo user since the iPhone app, then bought the iPad version, but I never tried the online service since Todo ties in nicely with my cloud todo service of choice, Toodledo. That may change now that Todo for Mac has been announced for the Mac App Store and features cloud sync with th...

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QuickCal for Mac: natural language events and todos for iCal

QuickCal has been one of my favorite ways to add items to iCal. It started with a Dashboard widget that let me use natural language to add calendar events. I loved it (actually wrote about it back in '09). Then it became an iOS app, QuickCal Mobile, and I was able to add entries with blazing spee...

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Best apps for road warriors and business users

Business Insider has compiled a list of the 10 best free iPhone apps for business and the 20 best iPad apps for business travelers. The lists are pretty comprehensive, and just because you don't fly around from one meeting to the next doesn't mean you need not check them out. From Todo and Everno...

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Nozbe for iPad 1.1 integrates Evernote with your projects

We've mentioned GTD app Nozbe a few times before, but not since the release of their iPad app. If you're looking for a complete, easy-to-use task management app for your iPad and haven't checked it out, here's your kick in the pants to take a look. Nozbe was originally a web-based application (still...

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WWDC App demos: Corkulous and Todo

Corkulous is an iPad app that attempts to simulate a real cork board (similar to Kai Cherry's KorQBord, which we've mentioned before). You can add notes, labels and photos, and you can add boards inside of boards, which gives you almost infinitely nestable surface areas to play in. Of all the...

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Beta Beat: Dejumble 2

Apps like Things and OmniFocus are (still) the big contenders for your task-management dollars, but there are plenty of fresh ideas popping up from "smaller" developers. For example, ThinkingCode just released an exciting public beta: version 2 of Dejumble, their entry into the task manager market. ...

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Ask TUAW: Syncing, custom keyboards, sharing iPhone apps, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got lots of questions about syncing, as well as customized keyboards, sharing iPhone apps, managing iTunes, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome. Questions for next week should be l...

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5 (really useful) Apps for everyone

Some apps are almost universal. Chances are you may find a use for one of these apps in your daily goings-on, just as I have. All links are iTunes links. Flicktunes, $0.99 Remember our chat about driving and using your iPhone? Flicktunes makes controlling the iPod in your iPhone (or touch)...

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Appigo Sync brings iCal todo syncing with iPhone app

I've always thought that the lack of iCal todo syncing was one of the strangest omissions on the iPhone and iPod touch. Now, finally, it's possible thanks to Appigo Sync (beta), a free small helper application for the Mac designed to interface with Appigo's $10 Todo iPhone app (iTunes link). Todo...

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Mac 101: Instantly create todos in

Have you ever been reading an email in Leopard's and thought, "Oh, I need to remember that"? If you can right click, then you can remember anything, quickly and easily, using Todos. When you come across something in an email you want to remember, first highlight the text. Next, right-click...

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Remember the Milk for iPhone

My search for the perfect software task management solution has been going on for a long time, and I think I've finally found the answer: Remember the Milk for iPhone (iTunes link). I've tried almost all of the big names in task managers: iGTD, Things, OmniFocus, and even Leopard's built-in todo fun...

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Back to School: iPhone applications to help you make the grade

TUAW's going Back to School! We'll be bringing you tips and reviews for students, parents and teachers right up until the bell rings. With students heading back to school around the country today, many are heading back with an iPhone (possibly a iPhone 3G, no doubt). In this post, I'm going to sug...

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