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TomTom for U.S. and Canada updated with real time traffic and more

We told you it was coming, and now it has arrived. The popular US$59.95 TomTom app is ready to hit the road with real time traffic available as an additional in-app purchase. Included with the 1.3 update at no additional charge is Google local search, revised map data, music fading, automatic day...

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TomTom submits updated app for Apple review

The makers of the TomTom app for the iPhone have let us know that they've submitted an updated version that adds real-time traffic information, Google local search, and even some secret features the company isn't talking about yet. The TomTom app was eagerly sought out last year, but of late has ...

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Review: On the road with the Magellan Premium Car Kit

Magellan was nice enough to loan me a Premium Car Kit for the iPhone or iPod touch, so I put it in the car and drove around on both city streets and highways to get an idea how it worked, particularly with the excellent Magellan Road Mate software [iTunes link]. The Magellan kit is advertised to ...

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Other shoe drops: TomTom cuts price of US and Canada GPS app by 30%

It was just last week that TomTom offered a new version of its nav app for the US (minus Canadian data) for $49.99US [iTunes link]. That didn't make people who bought the full version for a hundred bucks and never needed the Canadian info anyway filled with joy. Now, TomTom has dropped the price of ...

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TomTom lowers iPhone app price if you don't need to go to Canada

Maybe they're feeling a bit of pricing pressure? Whatever the reason, TomTom just released a stripped down version of its Navigation app that leaves out Canada. Oh my. This USA-only version sells for US $49.99, [iTunes link] which is half the price of the version that includes our good neighbor t...

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TomTom delivers promised iPhone update

TUAW told you it was coming, and it has arrived. TomTom has updated its U.S. GPS navigation app [US$99.99, iTunes link] and added text-to-speech, advanced lane guidance, and a 'help me' feature for use in emergencies. TomTom has been a little late to the text-to-speech party, with most competitor...

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It's about time: TomTom submits updated nav app to Apple

Very welcome news for owners of the TomTom iPhone nav app [iTunes link for U.S. version]; the company has announced a free update that includes many of the features that people were craving. Advanced lane guidance giving drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions. For the first t...

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TomTom car kit appears in Apple's store, but it's not yet shipping

The long-awaited TomTom car kit for the iPhone has finally arrived at the Apple store. The hardware/software combination hardware unit sells for US $119.95. [Sorry about the mixup. As noted in the comments, the app is an additional $50-$100 depending on your locale.] The cradle is designed to enh...

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TomTom car kit makes first appearance in the (UK) wild

It's here, at least if you are in the U.K. One of our readers tipped us that he was able to buy the TomTom kit for £99.95 from the Apple Store at Bluewater in Kent. The kit has its own GPS chip which is supposed to be more sensitive than the GPS chip built into the iPhone. The car kit is li...

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TomTom announces iPhone car kit pricing

The TomTom navigation app [iTunes link] for iPhone has been available since August of this year, but many TUAW readers have told us they're holding off on a purchasing decision until they can see how the announced iPhone car kit enhances the use of the app. The car kit, which includes a secondary...

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Aussie drivers: Buy a cradle, or no iPhone GPS for you

Live in Australia? Have an iPhone? Do you use the iPhone's built-in Maps app, Navigon, or TomTom [iTunes links] to navigate? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, then I have some bad news for you: under the Australian Road Rule 8th Amendment, all use of the iPhone in your car is soon...

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TomTom car kit delayed until October

Since its release in late August, the TomTom for iPhone [iTunes Link] application has received a lot of attention. When the application was first debuted at WWDC, it became one of the first products to combine both hardware and software for the iPhone. The car-kit (which provides a separate GPS modu...

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TomTom for iPhone now available in US

There's been plenty of hype and mystery surrounding the TomTom GPS navigation app for iPhone. Originally announced back in June, the app created by the popular GPS company promised to be the first of its kind... only to have competing apps from Navigon, Telenav from AT&T, iGO and others hit the ...

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TomTom for iPhone pricing leaked

TomTom's co-founder and CTO Peter-Frans Pauwels first demonstrated his company's turn-by-turn solution for the iPhone at WWDC in June of '09. You can watch a teaser video above. Since then, many customers have anticipated this app's release and pricing. Handtec may have let the cat out of the...

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Cruising with the AT&T Navigator

I love GPS. in the mid 1990s I had a Garmin unit that had no maps, just a bread crumb trail of where you were and where you'd been. I lived in England at the time, and thought I had a highly original idea to take it to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and walk across the Meridian line and watch th...

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