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Aspyr finally gets a clue, releases Quake 4 demo

Forgive the bitter headline, but I'm sick of Mac game companies releasing games, especially ones as massive and significant as Quake 4, without a demo. This gripe is further compounded by the fact that the current state of Mac gaming is so demanding of hardware; yes, it's certainly improving, but ma...

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Opera 9 goes Universal

Opera, the little browser that could (and did - go free, that is), has finished its beta and reached version 9, going Universal in the process. New features include: a built-in BitTorrent client adding your favorite search engines to Opera's search bar simply by right-clicking them site-spec...

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Use Mail.app as a remote torrent client

An enterprising Mail.app user by the name of Matt Comi has ironed out a simple yet powerful trick for using Mail.app as a remote bittorrent client, of sorts. Basically, he set up a rule in Mail.app with a custom AppleScript that looks for torrent file attachments. This AppleScript then sends the tor...

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Widget Watch: BitSticks

VanillaSoap Design, the folks behind the slick Capture Dashboard widget, have released a public beta of BitSticks, their newest widget. BitSticks is a stand alone Bittorrent widget, and it works just as you would expect. Grab a torrent file in the Finder, invoke Dashboard and drop the file onto Bit...

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ipodnova.com lists iPod torrent sites

Care to take bets on how long ipodnova.com will stay up? This site lists various torrent repositories that have sprung up that are dedicated to letting you download videos for that new iPod you got for Christmas. While TUAW does not condone such behaviour we feel that it is our bloggerly duty to po...

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Mac Guide to Torrent TV

Check out this visual guide for downloading TV torrents to your Mac, entitled "The Poor Man's TiVo." Pretty sweet. Very easy.The networks need to start enabling net distribution of their shows via torrent. There is clearly a market for this service, legality issues be damned, and it wou...

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