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Apple's Magic Trackpad approved by FCC

We've seen the Magic Trackpad name before, and we've even gotten a glimpse of what the device might be -- a larger, Bluetooth-enabled multitouch surface designed to bring all of the gestural and multitouch capability found on the iDevices and MacBooks to the desktop itself. Now, Engadget notes that...

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Tapbots releases Calcbot, Macheist makes it cheap

taptaptap, Tapbots, and Macheist have released a very well-designed calculator app for the iPhone and iPad called Calcbot -- it's available for 99 cents right now on the App Store. I would say that I don't know why we need another calculator app on the store, but this one's designed by Tapbots, so...

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Patent: Invisible button on future MacBook Pros

AppleInsider has the story of a patent application that would turn any place on the aluminum shell of a MacBook Pro into a disappearing input space by utilizing invisible backlit holes. The application describes an input device made of the same material as the computer housing, so when not in use,...

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The iPad rent-a-date

You can go tickle an iPad for free at any Apple Store. You can caress, stroke, and otherwise test out the "magical" touch-based interface. However, if you want to go further, second base for example, be prepared to pony up $50. TUAW has realized that for that low, low price, you can bring that...

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Why I didn't buy an iPad

Guest blogger B. Imei Hsu lays out the case over on Chris Pirillo's blog for "Why you don't want an iPad" -- she takes a few guesses at why you, dear Apple fan, may not have bought Apple's magical and revolutionary device this past weekend. She's actually a little venomous -- not only is there a bit...

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Activision puts Geometry Wars: Touch, Tony Hawk 2 on the App Store

iPad titles have started appearing on the App Store, and two big video gaming names are there with them. First up, Activision has apparently dropped a copy of the arcade shooter Geometry Wars out there in the form of Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad. Given that we haven't actually played the game yet,...

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Steve Jobs can't wait for your hands and fingers

There have been no shortage of jokes and sniggers about the "iPad" since it was announced, and it's getting more and more difficult to tell reality from a Saturday Night Live skit. Just the other day my non-technical wife asked me, in all sincerity, if "iPeriod" was a real Apple product (no, honey,...

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Apple granted patent for touch-sensitive bezel

The Patently Apple website is reporting that Apple has been granted patents dealing with tablets and advanced touch technology. The first patent concerns an 'intelligent bezel' where a user could control volume, brightness, zoom or even controls for games by sliding a finger along the edge of the...

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Do Android & WebOS need iPod touch clones?

Dan Frommer's post this morning over at Silicon Alley Insider suggests that one of the missing pieces from the competitive pie, as far as Google and Palm's mobile OS offerings are concerned, is a 3G-free & contractless device. Something, perhaps, like the iPod touch. Absent a way for consumers...

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Apple seeks game guru for app development

While some say Apple never wanted the iPhone to be a gaming device, the company knows which way the wind is blowing and wants to get involved. Apple is looking to hire a game and media software engineer for its iPhone and iPod touch team, which could mean it wants to make games of its own. The...

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A look at Apple's iPod touch-based EasyPay system

Last week, we learned that Apple would be revamping some US retail stores, including a new iPod touch-based point-of-sale (POS) system. A new scanner accessory allows Apple to replace the old Windows CE-based sales handhelds. Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore has given AppleInsider an exclusive look at...

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iTunes 8.1 DJ gives another excuse to party

Over at Wired's Gadget Lab they've got a rundown of a neat new feature of iTunes 8.1: iPhone / iPod touch voting for songs in DJ mode. Basically, Apple also released an update to their Remote application to go with iTunes 8.1 and it is now possible to set up iTunes so that anybody with an iPhone...

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Beta Beat: Firefox 3 betas add support for multitouch

Do you own one of those fanciful new MacBooks? You know, the ones with the cool multitouch trackpads? Do you envy Safari users that can take advantage of multi-finger scrolling, pinching and squeezing in their web browsing? If so, you might be a perfect candidate for the new Firefox 3.1b2 beta. ...

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Apple Store back online, with changes

With the day's Apple news slowing down, the Apple store finally came back online after what seemed to be an eternity. We've been looking around and here are the changes that we found: New iPod nanos are now available for order and ship within 24 hours New iPod touches are available for order...

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iPod touch 2.1 firmware walkthrough

Last night, Apple offered up the iPod touch 2.1 firmware early for iPod touch owners (iPhone owners will have to wait until Friday). Not much has changed since the 2.0 firmware, but Apple did add some features to the Music section of the iPod touch -- most notably, Genius. Unlike Genius in iTunes on...

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