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Madrid's visitors can rent tourist-friendly iPads

If you're vacationing in Madrid, you may want to check out PadInTheCity before you arrive. The local service lets you rent an iPad for the duration of your stay. The iPad is filled with apps and games to make your stay more enjoyable. According to Springwise, you'll find apps like Metro Madrid, Wea...

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Apple posts photos of Grand Central Terminal store opening

We've already seen some great shots of the Apple Store opening held in Grand Central Terminal in New York last week thanks to our own Mike Rose, but Apple now has the store's official page posted on its website, with additional photos and information about the big setup. It looks very impressiv...

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Tips for traveling (or not) with the iPad

Gary Arndt has written an interesting blog post about traveling with his iPad for a year. In it, he offers some very helpful tips to world travelers who carry Apple's wonder device with them. As a fellow world traveler (I've been to 30 countries in two years) it was interesting to read and cont...

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