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Cut the Rope update, plush toys coming soon

The video below highlights an upcoming update for the popular Cut the Rope title on iOS -- Chillingo is bringing 25 new levels to the title, complete with some new game mechanics and features. Cartoon creature Om Nom will be able to be fed various types of foods, not just the candy he so craves...

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WWDC Interview: Ten One Design

We got a look at the Fling from Ten One Design at Macworld, and here we are to take a look at their smaller version for the iPhone. The Fling is designed to give you a thumbstick on your iPad, and we found it works better than all the rest (certainly better than the Joystick-IT from ThinkGeek)....

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PLAYMOBIL™ Apple Store Play Set: Ignite Apple fandom in your kids

Hey, your kids are probably going to spend a lot of time in Apple Stores in the future, so why not get them started early with the new PLAYMOBIL™ Apple Store Play Set? ThinkGeek (purveyor of fine April 1 products such as Lightsaber Popsicles and Angry Birds Pork Rinds) is proud to bring y...

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Flying pigs, dancing daisies, robotic Barbies...and the iPod

When you think of the iPod, Apple's carefully managed marketing campaign of hip with-it 20-somethings springs to mind. But there's another side to the cult of iPod, that's growing as a "cultural phenomenon". iPods inspire silliness according to this article from the New York Times. The iPod attracts...

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