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Law firm that helped Proview to $60m iPad China settlement hasn't been paid

In a strangely humorous case of "what goes around comes around", the law firm that helped Chinese manufacturer Proview win a US$60 million settlement against Apple for use of the trademark "iPad" in China is now suing Proview to get back at least $2.4 million in legal fees that have been left...

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Chinese court: Apple to pay $60 million to Proview in iPad dispute

The Associated Press tweeted a few minutes ago that a Chinese court says Apple will pay $60 million to Proview Technology over an ongoing dispute regarding the iPad name. A subsequent story said that the agreement was reached through mediation in Guangdong High People's Court. A Chinese court...

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Judge restricts Apple and Samsung's exhibits, argument time

In an attempt to streamline the epic courtroom battle pending between Apple and Samsung, U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh (photo at right) has set ground rules for the legal teams presenting their arguments before a jury. The companies, which have already been admonished several times to pare...

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Apple and Samsung sit down for mediation today

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi are meeting on Monday in a San Francisco Federal court, according to a Reuters report. The meeting is mandated by the court after earlier talks, noted in the court documents, failed to produce an agreement. By bringing in the CEOs, the court...

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Apple claims Samsung destroyed "vast quantities" of evidence

The dispute between Samsung and Apple is heating up in the United States, with Apple now claiming Samsung destroyed vast quantities of evidence crucial to the case. According to Network World, Apple filed a motion in the Northern District of California that alleges Samsung intentionally...

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Apple reportedly in talks with iPad trademark challenger in China

According to a Computerworld report, Apple and Chinese company Proview are in talks to resolve their dispute over the iPad trademark in China. The case is being heard in the Higher People's Court of Guangdong Province. Before it hands down a ruling, the court recommended the two companies meet...

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China notably not getting new iPad just yet

Despite the growing number of users everywhere else, China still hasn't gotten on board with the new iPad. Forbes reports that Apple is taking a cautious approach to introducing the next-generation iPad there because of ongoing trademark issues with Proview. Forbes' Doug Young said he felt...

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Apple trademarks 'Configurator' app name

Apple has posted a trademark to cover the "Configurator" app that arrived in Software Update last week. The app allows users to configure (surprise) various iOS devices all connected to one computer or network, easily updating apps and the operating system, and even installing wallpapers or other...

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Proview calls for sales ban of new iPad in China

On the same day Apple announced its new iPad, Chinese company Proview released an open letter claiming it owns the trademark for the iPad in China, says a Macworld report. In the letter, Proview reportedly warned suppliers and vendors that they will face legal action if they don't stop the sale,...

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Report: major creditor seeks liquidation of Apple opponent Proview

According to a Xinhua News Agency report, creditors are putting pressure on Proview to declare bankruptcy and liquidate its assets. Leading the effort is Fubon Insurance, a Taiwanese company that's seeking to recoup US$8.68 million from the struggling Chinese firm. Fubon employees have refused to...

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Apple files a complaint against Chinese vendor over "EPAD" trademark

Apple has filed a complaint against EBox Digital Technology Product over its use of the word "EPAD," says a Computerworld report. The complaint was filed earlier this year through China's trademark office, and EBox received a copy of the complaint on Febraruy 2. At the heart of this complaint is a...

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China higher court hears Apple's iPad appeal

Apple and Proview went head-to-head in a Chinese court this morning. Apple argued in the Higher People's Court of Guangzhou that it owns the right to use the iPad trademark in China. Proview's lawyers argued that Apple bought the trademark from Proview's Taiwan subsidiary, not the one in Shenzhen....

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Proview profiled as a company on the brink

Proview is a company that seems to be standing at the bottom of a cliff, scrabbling with broken nails trying to make it up the side. A new profile of Proview by Reuters backs up this image of a company teetering on the edge of insolvency, clinging to the "IPAD" trademark as its last, best hope of...

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Proview now suing Apple in the US

Proview stepped up its legal assault against Apple by taking its complaint to the US court system. Earlier this month, U.S.-based Proview Technology Inc. filed a suit against Apple in the Superior Court of the State of California in Santa Clara County. The suit claims Apple acted with "oppression,...

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Shanghai court sides with Apple, iPad sales to continue

There is some good news for Apple and the iPad in China. The Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court ruled in favor of Apple and denied an injunction request from Proview that would have banned sales of the tablet device in the Chinese city. Both the local Xinmin Evening News and Reuters confirmed...

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