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AAPL flirts with $600 today

Apple's stock soared on Wednesday and now it is poised to cross the US$600 mark. As noted by CNN Money, the stock hit $600 once and has fallen back down to $598 at the writing of this post. As The Wall Street Journal points out it took Apple 34 trading days to jump from $400 to $500 and a mere 23 ...

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Pre-event AAPL trading bucks trend

Andy Zaty of the Bullish Cross blog has done some interesting analysis on the AAPL stock price around Apple's keynote events, and he found that for next week's event, the pattern seems to have fallen apart. During the past four iPhone releases, Apple's stock price has risen in the rumor-filled ...

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Nasdaq to diminish Apple's portion of the Nasdaq-100

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nasdaq will drop Apple's profile in its Nasdaq-100 stock index, lowering Apple's share from 20.5 percent to around 12.3 percent, more in line with the number of actual Apple shares out there. Apple is one of 81 companies who are seeing their shares lowered b...

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