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WWDC 2011 videos reportedly not working in some browsers

Apple released its session videos from WWDC and many people are having problems watching them. Apparently, Apple is limiting playback to Safari on the Mac. If you try to watch the videos on an alternative browser, even on a Mac machine, you receive the stern warning that "You need to use Safari...

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WWDC Interview: MacTEK Consulting & Training

Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) interviews Doug Hanley of MacTEK Consulting & Training at WWDC 2011. Doug was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. TUAW and MacTech Magazine...

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Final Cut Pro X video tutorials available

The reviews of Final Cut Pro X (US$299.99) are mixed, but the latest incarnation of Apple's Pro video editing app is here for better or worse. For those video wonks who would like to get up to speed quickly on the new product, now has a complete set of Final Cut Pro X tutorials ...

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Rumor: Apple planning something in stores for retail anniversary

Just this morning we were hearing rumors that Apple was planning some sort of event for this weekend's retail anniversary, and now BGR has heard that there's a flurry of activity behind the counter at Apple Stores. There are some overnight shifts planned for this weekend, black curtains to go u...

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Black Hat security conference offers two-day Macsploitation class

Attention would-be Mac hackers and those hoping to write viruses and malware for Mac OS X! You can bone up on your Macsploitation skills at an upcoming two-day class to be held at the Black Hat security conference July 30 through August 2. This isn't the first time that Black Hat has featured...

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Apple to unveil JointVenture, a small business repair service

We reported last week that Apple had scheduled a meeting for all its retail employees. The meeting was held this weekend, and the Cupertino company reportedly used this meeting to detail a new enterprise-oriented service called JointVenture. The program supposedly targets small businesses and l...

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MacTech Boot Camp San Francisco 2011, five days left to save

We attended the MacTech Conference in 2010 and we can tell you: they put on a great conference. The MacTech Boot Camp is designed for a different audience. Instead of the hardcore IT pro, the Boot Camp experience is more for the folks who support small businesses and home users. The event is close t...

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TUAW's Daily App: Seconds

I've been getting more and more into running lately, and while I've been tending towards long distance running, one of the best ways to beef up your running expertise is by doing what's called HIIT -- high intensity interval training. You sprint at a certain speed for a period of a few minutes in le...

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5 Apps for the cyclist

Apple products and the bike go together well. They seem to appeal to the same sort of folks: evangelistic, committed aficionados willing to pay any premium, to be brutally honest about it. Oh, and let's not forget, they love to talk at length about these objects of their affection at parties. You kn...

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ScreenSteps 2.5 takes screen-based documentation a step forward

ScreenSteps, the invaluable tool (mentioned here many a time) for writing software documentation quickly and easily, has updated to version 2.5. Among the new features is improved annotation capabilities, including a text tool and keyboard shortcuts for speedy duplication and repositioning of annota...

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Learn Daylite from a MacAngel

If you were intrigued by last week's review of Marketcircle Daylite 3.9, Daylite Server, and Daylite Touch enough to purchase the application suite or download the trial, you might be at the point now where you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to install, configure and use the applications. D...

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Skill up on Adobe products with free video tutorials

It's no secret that the American economy is suffering, and many of us are experiencing the cold-water shock of abrupt career shifts and planned or unexpected part-timer-ification. Want to spark up your value to an employer, or gain some new skills to improve your freelance mojo? Adobe's free video ...

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Ask TUAW: Recovering pictures, updating Facebook, iPhone battery life and more

Once again, it's time for another edition of Ask TUAW: the place where we try to answer all of your Mac and Apple-related questions. This week we're taking questions about recovering pictures from corrupted compact flash cards, Twitter for the iPhone, extending iPhone battery life and more. As alway...

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Switching to Mac or iPhone in your future? Enter to win two great learning tools

If you're new to the Mac or just bought an iPhone you could pore through the "Switch 101" series on Apple's site, you could browse our Mac 101 or iPhone 101 series, or you could spend a few bucks and get trained fast. We checked out "It's About Time" products at this year's Macworld (remember back i...

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It's About Time!

At Macworld Expo in January, I talked to a guy at a booth who was demoing a hands-on iPhone training product. The developer, Saied Ghaffari, believes there are three types of people: Clickers -- like most TUAW readers; people who take any application, click buttons and menus, and learn the app ...

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