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Panic Inc. forced by Apple to drop non-FTP file transfers from Transmit for iOS

Transmit for iOS, a wonderful FTP app we've covered before, has released a new update today that fixes a few bugs and removes a big feature, the ability to send files from the app to other services including iCloud, Box, Documents, Dropbox, Transmit, and more. Developer Panic Inc. released a blog p...

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Don't Panic: Transmit for iOS is here for your FTP client needs

There are some apps that 98 percent of the general population would never take a look at, but are critical for the other 2 percent. That's the case with this new FTP client from Panic Software. Transmit for iOS ($9.99 for a limited time) is the mobile version of Panic's classic Transmit app for Ma...

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Panic teases a new iPad app, probably Panic Status Board

Panic is one of our favorite Mac developers -- they make the excellent Coda web editor, and Transmit, which is my OS X FTP client of choice. They have a new iPad app arriving this week, and word around the Internets is that it's an iPad version of Status Board, the internal tool the company dev...

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Use Transmit to create 'quick upload' droplets

Transmit by Panic is one of my favorite apps. If you ever move files from one computer to another, you owe it to yourself to test this one out. Today I want to highlight a feature called "Save To Droplet" which is not new, but is very handy. However, it's not immediately obvious how to use it. ...

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Replacing iDisk with online storage of your own

With the June 30, 2012 death of Apple's MobileMe service looming just a little over two months away, some Mac users are still wondering what to do to replace one of the keystone pieces of the service -- iDisk. Macworld's Glenn Fleishman provided some tips today on how to replace iDisk with your...

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Cyberduck adds cloud file management improvements

My FTP app of choice, Cyberduck, has updated to version 3.6, and as you can see on the changelog, it's a nice, chunky update. The developers have added in support for Google Storage, made things easier for Amazon S3 users, and added a lot of little features and bugfixes that make the whole experien...

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Transmit 4 offers new features, faster performance

Transmit is the FTP client by Panic that has won legions of fans (myself included). After 5 years of version 3.x, Panic has finally released version 4.0 with a new UI, faster performance, and a slew of hot new features. Transmit 4 is a near-total re-write of the application. The most notable c...

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Ask TUAW: Prepping a Mac for transfer, adding words to spell check, updating Boot Camp, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about preparing a Mac that you're transferring to a new owner, updating Boot Camp, adding words to the built-in spell check, dealing with flaky network disks, FTP clients, and more. As always, your ...

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Prices so low, they're practically insane: Panic 3-day sale is on

It's been hinted at for a few days, but Cabel Sasser and the rest of the crew at Panic Software may have accidentally slipped some mind-altering substances into their last batch of Coda Cookies; how else to explain a three-day, 50%-off sale on all of the company's well-designed and well-regarded a...

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Transmit 3.6.7 is available

Earlier this week, one of the applications that I use every day, Panic's Transmit, was updated to version 3.6.7. Since the previous version was 3.6.6, this seems like a minor update, but it does bring some welcome bug fixes, including Re-worked preview drawer to avoids possible transfer stalls...

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Coda updated to 1.5.1

Lost in the din of yesterday's Apple announcements, Panic has updated Coda, its all-in-one website editing tool, to 1.5.1. The update largely fixes possible crashes, issues with source control, and squashes several bugs. CFML syntax coloring has been improved, and the release notes promise more syn...

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Transmit turns 10, we Panic

Milestones come and go, but the big milestone of the day was 10 years in the making. Panic's Co-founder, Steven Frank, noted on his personal website that their flagship product, Transmit turned 10 years old. Transmit, originally called "Transit," was released on September 8, 1998. Who knows, without...

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Panic releases Coda 1.5

Panic has released Coda 1.5, a free update to my favorite all-in-one web development application. Coda 1.5 adds several major new features, including find-and-replace across multiple files and a fully-integrated Subversion client. Also included in the update is a user-customizable bookshelf, which...

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Transmit 3.6.6 relieves .Mac sync problems

Panic recently updated their Transmit software to version 3.6.6 after the previous (3.6.5) update caused problems with syncing over .Mac. Steven Frank (co-founder of Panic) wrote on his personal blog about the issue. According to Steven, "TransmitSync," a service that syncs Transmit favorites with ....

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Dockdrop 1.0

Dockdrop isn't necessarily something new to Mac OS X, but it's a simple and a cool application none-the-less. Dockdrop allows you to drop files on top of it and perform an action. You can use the following protocols to send files: FTP, Flickr, WebDAV, or SCP. Dockdrop reminds me of the "droplets" th...

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