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Panic releases Transmit 3.6.3

Earlier this week, Panic released Transmit 3.6.3. If you're unfamiliar, Transmit is the FTP application that's loved by many (including us). Version 3.6.3 offers improved Leopard and Amazon S3 compatibility, French and German localization and several bug fixes. If you haven't tried it out, take this...

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Upgrade roadmap from Panic covers Leopard compatibility

I know we aren't supposed to play favorites when it comes to Mac developers -- remember, we're all basically on the same team here -- but I have to admit to a slight geek crush on Cabel Sasser. Sure, he & the rest of the Panic crew code a pretty mean FTP client and a well-regarded multitasker fo...

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Panic releases Transmit 3.6

Panic has dropped Transmit 3.6, the latest version of the FTP app that we freakin' love here at TUAW. Included in the new version is all the great old stuff (droplets, and the "edit anything anywhere" ability), and the new features of Amazon S3 support and a "Copy URL web preview" (in which you can ...

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Clear out 3rd party .Mac sync items with Syncrospector

.Mac Sync Services leave much to be desired in the management department - Apple provides no UI for removing them once you no longer use an application, and you don't have many options for troubleshooting when things go south. Until now. A user named kohlmannj at the indispensable macosxhints figu...

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Interarchy 8.5 & Interview

I'm a Transmit fan myself, but we seem to have a house policy of noting updates of the old-school (if you will) Mac FTP client Interarchy. Well it has been bumped to version 8.5, and has a new owner: Nolobe. In addition, TUAW favorite John Gruber has an interview up with Interarchy's original author...

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TAB looks at FTP clients

For anyone involved in the day-to-day running of a website, a good reliable FTP client is vital to getting anything done. But with so many options available for users to choose from, how is a person to decide which client is right for them? Mike over at The Apple Blog provides some assistance in th...

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Transmit 3.5.4

Don't panic! Panic just released an update to their uber-popular FTP/SFTP client Transmit which purportedly squashes all those nasty bugs which have been driving you crazy. Version 3.5.4 fixes issues with certain SFTP servers, adds a preference pane to keep you connected even through some troubleso...

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Top ten supplemental blogging apps

Chances are if I am sitting at my Mac I am blogging (perhaps not for TUAW, but for some blog somewhere) and so this list of the top ten supplemental blogging apps for OS X caught my eye. The apps that make the cut are: Quicksilver (a TUAW favorite) Firefox (though Flock gets a mention) Pukka...

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Transmit 3.5.4 released

Transmit, Panic's FTP client that I firmly believe was coded by angels, has been updated to version 3.5.4. They offer detailed release notes, but the cliff notes include SFTP error improvements, upload/download error and Growl notification fixes, navigation tweaks and much more. Transmit 3.5.4 is a ...

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Get your run on - Apple taking preorders for the Nike+iPod Sport Kit

It looks as though Apple is officially taking pre-orders for the $30 Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a customized wireless transmitter and receiver set that helps you track your run by integrating with Apple's iPod nano. The tips started pouring in, and sure enough, it's up in the store in all its über-br...

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FTP explained

Who better to explain the ins and outs of the twisted FTP world than Steven Frank, one of the minds behind Transmit? Well, that's exactly what Steve has done for us on his blog. If you don't know your SFTP from your FTPS then this is the article for you. Sure, he recommends that you try his company'...

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Airfoil v2.0.3 adds changing sources on the fly, menubar preference, more

Airfoil, the handy application for sending any audio to an AirPort Express, has been updated to version 2.0.3 for Mac OS X (remember, it's also available for Windows now). This new version adds the ability to swap audio sources on the fly, as well as a menubar option if you'd rather the app not take...

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Got files to transfer? Check out Yummy FTP

I keep a lot of backups safely tucked away on my online storage space. So, I spend a decent amount of time each weekend either in Terminal or Transmit. However, that doesn't mean I'm unwilling to check out alternate FTP clients. Yummy FTP looks pretty good. It has support for both FTP and SFTP, aut...

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Backup files automatically with Transmit

Backups are very important. This is something that you learn once, and never forget again (usually as you try to explain why your wedding pictures no longer exist). The fine folks over at StrongSpace, a service that offers online storage, have posted a nice tutorial that goes through the process of ...

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Tips on removing apps from the Sync Services database

If you've ever installed an app that can take advantage of .Mac syncing services and then stopped using it or removed it for one reason or another, you might have noticed that its listing in the .Mac System Preferences pane still lingers. This could be a nuisance to neat-freaks, but it could also ca...

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