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FlightTrack 5: new look and features just in time for holiday travel

FlightTrack has been the frequent traveler's go-to app for five years, and now developer Mobiata has come out with a new version that offers a new iOS 7-friendly streamlined user interface and new features. FlightTrack 5 (introductory price of US$2.99, $4.99 starting December 1, 2013) replaces three...

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MapQuest gets new look, features for iOS 7 users

With Google and Apple locked in an epic battle to win the maps wars, many forget that there are other decent mapping services for iOS. One such service is MapQuest, the tried-and-true mapping solution that has been around for years and years. Today the company updated its MapQuest app for iOS 7...

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AirBnB get iOS 7-inspired makeover, adds new hosting features

AirBnB, the app that has become a staple for travelers worldwide, has just hit version 3.0 and with it, receieved a whole new facelift and added much-requested hosting features. For starters, AirBnB now features an iOS 7-inspired icon and UI. Every bit of the app is now flat and Helvetica Neue...

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Roman Ruins HD for iPad is a terrific way to explore ancient Rome

Roman Ruins HD lets you virtually explore the remnants of ancient Rome from your favorite chair using your iPad. The Roman Empire spread throughout Europe and the Middle East at its peak, and you'll be able to see many of the sites where Rome ruled. The app supports aerial 3D views and guides to...

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Satechi's Smart Travel Router: A world traveler's best friend

Satechi announced its new Smart Travel Router (US$44.99 special pricing) a few weeks ago and at the time I thought it was a pretty great travel accessory. After giving one the hands-on treatment, I can say without a moment's hesitation one of these should be in the gadget bag of anyone who travels...

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T-Mobile bringing global data coverage to 100 countries for no charge

T-mobile has announced that it will roll out free 2G data coverage in more than 100 countries, reports AllThingsD. The move is in an effort to make the carrier more attractive to frequent travelers -- and address an issue common with US carriers: high data roaming charges. As AllThingsD...

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Satechi makes world travel easier with Smart Travel Router and Adapter

As a bona fide world traveler (yeah, I know -- only 50 countries so far), I love to see new products that make life easier for gadget-toting travelers. Now Satechi has come out with a multi-tasker that should find its way into a lot of gizmo bags. The Smart Travel Router and Adapter (US$44.99...

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Google releases Google Translate 2.0 with handwriting support

Google has released a major update to its Translate app, which has been neglected for some time. With today's Google Translate 2.0 release, the app finally sees support for the iPhone 5. Google has also updated the app with an iOS 7-inspired design and added an additional seven languages including...

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Hawaiian Airlines will offer iPad minis to passengers

Hawaiian Airlines this week announced that it will begin offering iPad minis to passengers flying between Hawaii and 14 routes that encompass destinations in the US, Asia and the South Pacific. The iPad mini will offer a full-fledged entertainment experience and will enable passengers to pick...

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mTrip offering over 30 travel guides for free

Over the next four days app travel guide publisher mTrip is offering over 30 travel guides for free. The guides are normally US$4.99 each via in-app purchase, but due to recent changes by Apple that allow developers to offer in-app purchases for free, the company has decided to lower the price of...

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easyJet expands Passbook support to 75 airports

In May, popular European discount airline easyJet announced that it was testing Passbook ticketing support at six airports in Europe, with support to come from more airports if the trial was found successful. And judging by today's easyJet app update, it looks like that's the case. Now the company...

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Adventures for iPhone a decent travel log

Adventures for iPhone is a travel log (currently on sale for US$1.99 in the App Store) that syncs photos with Evernote. The idea is that you create an album, or "adventure," snapping photos along the way. The app collects meta information like location and your custom tags, then sends the lot to a...

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City Maps 2Go offers iOS users offline maps and a travel guide

Between Apple Maps and Google Maps you are pretty much covered on a trip or navigating around town. Both apps have an extensive point-of-interest (POI) databases. For those who want more, apps from Navigon, Garmin, Scout and CoPilot Live are viable alternatives. City Maps 2Go (US$2.99) is not...

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iTravelGo is a focused travel guide for 36 cities

iTravelGo is a US$0.99 app that is limited in cities, but very deep in the information it provides about them. The app has been released today in the App Store. The 36 cities include US destinations Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, plus other popular places like Vienna, Madrid,...

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A road trip with Ohai for iPhone

Those who know me understand that I love traveling. I spent the last four days in Phoenixville, Pa. with my sister, her husband and my two kids. It was purely for fun and an excellent time to test Ohai (US$4.99), a travel journal app for iPhone. Ohai lets your record places you visit, complete with...

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