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Apple updates T & C, includes terms for demo licensing

Today, along with the update of iTunes, there was a really interesting update to the Terms and Conditions. You can check out the entire set of terms if you like, but here's the good bit: Certain paid In App Subscriptions may offer a free trial period prior to charging your Account. If you decide y...

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Former Samsung manager testifies to leaking iPad info to hedge fund

Bloomberg is reporting that a former Samsung manager has testified to a federal jury that he leaked confidential iPad information to a hedge fund manager before the iPad was introduced in 2010. In December 2009 ex-Samsung manager Suk-Joo Hwang met with Primary Global Research LLC executive Jame...

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Apple wins expedited trial against Samsung in California

Reserve the date, folks, and grab some popcorn. The biggest lawsuit of next year opens on July 30, 2012. That's the day Apple's Federal lawsuit against Samsung will go to trial, according to FOSS Patents. The date of the trial is a big win for Apple as most lawsuits of similar complexity in t...

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Apple reportedly complies with Taipei's app refund request

We reported earlier this month that Taipei was trying to require a seven-day trial for all apps sold in that country. While we weren't sure how valid that claim was, it appears Taipei wasn't kidding around. Google has completely removed its paid app section from the Taipei version of the Androi...

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Taipei insists Apple, Google offer seven-day free trial for apps

In an unusual story coming out of Taiwan, the Taipei City Government is supposedly forcing local divisions of Apple and Google to provide a free seven-day trial for mobile applications. The Taipei Times claims the government is threatening to levy heavy fines, up to US$50,000 or more, if Apple do...

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The Daily trial extended to the end of February

Several TUAW readers have noticed that the trial version of The Daily has been extended through February 28. When the app debuted on February 2, Verizon announced that it was sponsoring a two-week free trial. This also brought forth the rumor of the public release of iOS 4.3 within that time frame....

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TUAW's Daily App: RunMonster

There are quite a few "run tracker" apps in the App Store (I know our own Erica Sadun is a big fan of RunKeeper). However, RunMonster is also worth a look, if only because it's just plain gorgeous. It lets you do all of the usual things: track your runs and bike rides, keep stats on your workouts, ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Homerun Battle 3D for iPad

One great app, every day -- that's TUAW's Daily App, every morning on TUAW. We're still seeking an official name for the daily app. If you suggest a killer name for this feature in the comments, we'll send you a t-shirt! There are quite a few baseball games on the store these days (including one...

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Algoriddim's djay Remote app available now

One of my favorite apps at Macworld Expo this past February was actually Algoriddim's djay 3 -- it's DJing software for the Mac that had a surprising amount of new features and fun UI elements even in one of the oldest and most-traveled of music software functions. One of the things I got to see dur...

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AT&T rolling out MicroCell to five more markets

We've previously written about AT&T's MicroCell device and service here at TUAW. It's a tiny cell tower that you plug into your home cable or DSL connection to boost your phone reception. This is particularly handy for those with home offices who may currently be plagued with poor reception on t...

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ePrint is a nice solution to printing from your iPhone

The iPhone wasn't designed from scratch to print things, but it can be done. I've reviewed some solutions in the past, including one that required you to run a small print server on your computer, which then directs your print jobs to any local printers. There are also some apps that print photos di...

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Call of Duty: World at War Zombies, Rock Band get free versions

Two of the App Store's biggest hits last year have finally dropped free versions of their apps to try out. Of course, odds are probably slim that you haven't played or heard of these two yet, but just in case you were waiting to try them without paying, now is your chance. First up, Call of Duty...

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iPhone is the place for adware?

Om Malik posted an interesting piece earlier this week about the growing market of ad-supported software on the iPhone -- due to the strange economies of the App Store (which are still developing), lots of app makers have found the prices on their apps driven way down, as most buyers are pretty wall...

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