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macosxhints gets redesigned

The invaluable macosxhints has received a redesign and feature boost. The site's theme has received a stylistic bump, and legibility has improved site-wide. New functionality and features include more topic categories and a better search (while Rob won't use the term 'better', I will). Registered an...

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TUAW Tip: quickly adjust viewable hours in iCal

Today's tip is a quick one about iCal, and it hails from the ever-useful archives of MacOSXHints. iCal's preferences allow you to choose how many hours you see in a day or week, but you can easily and quickly change this setting with a simple shortcut key. If you have a scrollwheel mouse or a two fi...

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Quicksilver's "Comma Trick"

Today I fall even more deeply in love with Quicksilver, as I have discovered yet another incredibly useful and productive trick from a 43 Folders tutorial. This easy tip, loosely called "the comma trick," allows you first to find more than one item with Quicksilver, then apply an action to...

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Safari trick: Email url's via the address bar

Here's a cool trick I was unaware of until today. Mac OS X Hints describes how to email a URL from within Safari's address bar. When you're at the website you'd like to share (like, say, this one), replace the address with "mail-link:" (minus the quotes) and hit return. A new message will ...

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