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New Trillian alpha available for the Mac

A Mac version of Cerulean Studio's Trillian has been years in the making and as of this past Friday, the alpha build of the software is finally out in the wild for Mac users to try. A private alpha has been available since 2007. Since I dropkicked PCs out of my household five years ago, I've swit...

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Two App Store updates: Trillian ships, Google Earth 2.0 arrives

There are two arrivals in the App Store of note. First, after a three month wait, the multiservice IM client Trillian is now available in the App Store [iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch. We previously discussed the fact that Trillian was sitting in approval limbo with no word from Apple as ...

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Trillian's 75-day limbo: the App Store, Freewill, and the pocket veto

What do United States politics, a Canadian rock song, and a California computer company have in common? Here are some hints: the Pocket Veto, Freewill, and the App Store. When the President of the United States is presented with a bill, she or he has 10 days to sign it, or veto it. If the President...

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Trillian IM client being ported to OS X - private alpha testing begins

While it's pretty hard to imagine why they'd bother, Cerulean Studios is porting Trillian, their wildly successful Windows multi-IM client, to OS X. How will Trillian (a commercial product) compete against Adium (a free product), particularly considering that Adium is a number of years ahead of Tril...

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Trillian Astra provides iPhone interface to IM

Chatterboxes of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your inability to IM from your iPhone. Cerulean Studios, maker of the popular Trillian multi-service IM client for Windows, is hard at work on the next version -- Trillian Astra, which in addition to being cross-platform will also includ...

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