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TUAW Tip: open two separate iTunes windows

This isn't the most advanced tip in the book, but I found the trick darn handy last night while performing some badly needed library cleanup. In iTunes, you can open a second window for almost any item in your sources list on the left - the iTunes Store, a playlist or - interestingly - even a fold...

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TUAW Tip: Rockin' multiple monitors with your Mac

I just recently plunked down some of my sweet, sweet blogging money for a 24 inch Dell monitor (check out my setup) which I am loving. Setting it up with my MacBook running OS X 10.4.8 was very easy (as long as you have one of these). There are a few things that did get me, which I thought I would...

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TUAW Tip: Disconnect Parallels CD-ROM

Yesterday I wanted to do something simple with my MacBook Pro: burn a CD. Nothing fancy, I just had a 200 meg file that I needed to give someone and there wasn't a USB drive to be found, so a CD it was. I inserted my blank CD into my MacBook Pro and nothing happened. I thought, perhaps, I had a bum ...

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TUAW Tip: Initiate Bluetooth File Exchange with a keyboard shortcut

TUAW-lover Andrew accidentally discovered that if you select a file in the Finder and press Apple + Shift + B (aka Command+Shift+B), it brings up the Bluetooth File Exchange application and prompts you for which device you want to send the selected file(s) to. I love keyboard shortcuts and I know an...

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TUAW Tip: enable the AppleScript menu

As I was working on an AppleScript-related post this morning, I couldn't seem to find any TUAW Tips in our vast archives that explained how to enable that AppleScript menubar item (pictured) that is mentioned so often in Mac software circles. This, of course, called for just such a tip. So: the Appl...

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TUAW Tip: Quickly reveal enclosing folders in Spotlight

I don't know whether it's just me, but the one thing that I've always felt was lacking from Spotlight was the ability to quickly and easily reveal the enclosing folder for search results. It was never a major problem, but on the rare occasion when I do use Spotlight, I often seem to need to see the...

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TUAW Tip: Hit esc for some word suggestions

It appears that while typing a word in many OS X apps, such as iChat and Yojimbo, hitting the Esc key will present a drop-down list of word completion options. I *think* this might be a Cocoa-related service of Mac OS X (sorry, Firefox users), but I'm always hesitant to toss out a guess like that be...

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TUAW Tip: Customize the Finder's toolbar, too

Dave Caolo showed you how to take control of the Finder's sidebar a couple weeks back. Today, I wanted to shed the same light on the Finder's toolbar, as you can customize it and add some tools not found in a default Mac OS X installation. The first thing I like to do is add 'other' kinds of folder...

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TUAW Tip: Managing Menulets

Menulets are those little menu bar widgets that reside in your menu bar to control such things as monitor resolutions, sound, Airport network selection, and iChat status. While there are ways to enable most of the menulets via System Preferences--for instance, you can enable the Display resolutions ...

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TUAW Tip: Speed up iPhoto

This is a simple little tip to speed up iPhoto a bit. Launch iPhoto and go to iPhoto's preferences. Choose 'Appearance' and you'll see something like the above pop open (this screen shot was taken with a copy of iPhoto 6, iPhoto 5 will look slightly different). Uncheck both 'Outline' and 'Drop shad...

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TUAW Tip: Take control of your sidebar

Today's tip is all about your Finder sidebar. I've altered mine a bit from the default setup to better accommodate the way I work. The first thing I do is to remove the Movies, Music and Pictures folders. They're really only a single click away from my home folder, plus I use iTunes to manage my mus...

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TUAW Tip: Quit applications using Application Switcher

One of the key combinations that I use most on my Mac is Command Tab, which brings up the Application Switcher, as seen above (in most versions of OS X that is). This allows me to switch from one application to another just by hitting the Tab key to cycle through the running applications. You're sa...

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TUAW Tip: Copy text formatting

When I'm writing an e-mail or fiddling in TextEdit, I often copy in text from another location (Safari, another e-mail, etc.). Doing that, of course, copies the formatting along with it, screwing up the consistency of the document. (So, say I'm writing a 12-point Arial doc in TextEdit; I copy over s...

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TUAW Tip: Put your hard disk in your Dock

This is the inaugural post for a new daily segment that we will be doing here at TUAW. The cleverly named 'TUAW Tips' will feature a tip that will help you use your Mac more effectively everyday. This tips will run the gamut from beginner to expert, so you may not be wowed by the tip every day but k...

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