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You're the Pundit: iPhone 5 US Carriers

Other sites have rumors. We have the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the iPhone 5 and its carriers. As Autumn rolls around and the iPhone 5 gets ready to launch, what carriers do you expect to see joining Verizon and AT&T with off...

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Re-discovering the iPhone magic in real life

Has the iPhone become...blasé? Recently, I was at the check out at my local supermarket, watching the guy in front of me enter things into his iPhone. "Hey, whatcha doing with the iPhone?" I ask. Turns out he was checking his balance before deciding which debit card to use to pay. ...

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iPad Social Club: Share your new baby

Congratulations! You just bought a new iPad, whether a discounted first generation or an updated iPad 2. Now it's time to socialize and chat about your new baby. Please join us in this post's comment section. Did you order your iPad online? Or did you stand in line at an Apple Retail Sto...

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Getting ready for iPad: black or white?

Today's the day. As consumers are getting ready to head off to their local Apple retailers to start the line wait for their new iPad, the question lingers. Black? or White? The overwhelming TUAW blogger consensus is white. We're tired of black. We want more Stormtrooper, less Vader. We want our...

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TUAW social club: What did you get for Christmas?

Were you nice and not naughty? Did Santa reward you with Apple-branded products for all your hard work and effort this year? If Santa left a few Apple goodies under your tree (and helpfully cleaned up your Safari browser cookies and milk), here's where you can share the joy of new ownership. S...

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