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First Look: Equinux Tube Stick Hybrid

When it comes to Macintosh TV tuners, it's hard to ignore the very large cat sitting in the corner. Elgato dominates the US market, but in Europe Equinux has been a big player and they've recently crossed the ocean with a new US-compatible tuner. The TubeStick Hybrid with its "The Tube" software ar...

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The Tube 2.7: TV Streaming via iChat

The folks who brought you the TubeStick USB digital TV tuners have released The Tube 2.7. Equinux is providing this free upgrade to The Tube, the software component of the TubeStick products. The new version enhances the timeshifting and electronic program guide features of The Tube 2.6, and adds ev...

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Show floor video: Equinux shows the TubeStick

Equinux, makers of iSale, CoverScout and an interesting collection of other apps, was at Macworld demoing TubeStick, their TV receiver. Like El Gato's EyeTV, the TubeStick is a hardware doohickey with the TV parts inside (logically) and some software that lets you watch TV on your Mac. Unlike El Gat...

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Equinux TubeStick Hybrid with viewing over the net

On the same day as Elgato's EyeTV 3 was announced, equinux of MediaCentral fame has released their own hardware and software combination for turning your US-based Mac into a PVR; it's called TubeStick hybrid. The hardware is a USB dongle device similar to Elgato's EyeTV Hybrid that can handle analo...

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Equinux TubeStick: Bargain DVB-T Tuner

You lucky Europeans! Equinux is selling a new DVB-T tuner for the Mac for only €39.95 (about $52.50 in US currency). It is a little hard to get many details at the website, but it looks like a DVB-T-only tuner (digital terrestrial) built into a small USB plug in that ships with an antenna and a...

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