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Tumblr iOS app updated, now completely native

Finally jumping headfirst into iOS with a redesigned experience, the updated Tumblr app is now live on the App Store. Whereas the previous version relied in part on simplified web views to replicate the Tumblr feel, the new experience is 100 percent native to iOS. After playing around with the n...

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Last Shot for iOS posts your most recent photo to social sites

Urban Apps' "The Last Shot" (free for a limited time) is an app that provides extremely narrow utility. The Last Shot posts your most recently-snapped picture to social networking sites. And that's about it. Fortunately, that functionality is both well thought out and convenient. The develope...

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Tumblr 3.0 for iPhone completely rebuilt

Easy blogging service Tumblr has released an update for its official iPhone app, and its interface has been completely rebuilt. The dashboard is cleaner, and it's done away with that custom bottom bar found in the original app. There are almost too many big updates to count: You can now upload ...

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Blogging with your voice: Siri, Blogger, and post-by-SMS

As I mentioned on my earlier post, Steve Sande and I have been hard at work collaborating on "Talking to Siri," an ebook that will soon hit the Kindle store. One of the topics we're exploring is how to push Siri beyond its advertised limits. Take blogging, for example. Did you know that you c...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Tumblr

Tumblr is, of course, the blogging platform that's taken off lately, featuring an easy way to quickly post a lot of different kinds of media, as well as share it across friends and networks. Tumblr's iPhone app has been serviceable since it came out, but it hasn't always been the best option fo...

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Ten ways to replace iWeb and MobileMe hosting

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Apple's website creation software, iWeb, is about a year away from obsolescence, along with MobileMe's hosting of iWeb sites. An iWeb user allegedly sent Apple CEO Steve Jobs an email asking if he should start looking for another website builder and a new ...

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Rumor: Steve Jobs says iWeb and MobileMe hosting are going away

Those of us with a vested interest in iWeb have been perplexed by the lack of interest shown by Apple in the former iLife web design app. Couple this with the pending demise of MobileMe on June 30, 2012, and that confusion turns into concern. MacRumors featured a post a few hours ago about an iWe...

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Post pictures to Tumblr Quickr

Quickr is a $0.99US iPhone app to take pictures and quickly post them to your Tumblr account. Here's the simplest explanation I can give for how Quickr lives up to its name: Steps necessary to take a picture and post it through the Tumblr app: launch Tumblr app tap post (assuming you have the ...

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MarsEdit 3 adds rich text editing, enhanced media browsing

In the "send an email, post a blog entry" fun and fast-paced world of tomorrow, services like Tumblr and Posterous make it exceedingly simple to prepare and post to your blog; meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook and AOL Lifestream push past the article metaphor to 140-character status snippets. Deligh...

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The iPhone app showdown

This was an intriguing experiment undertaken over at Minimal Mac: Patrick decided to play a little Homescreen Survivor with his iPhone app icons -- he cleared everything off his homescreen, and then only let those apps back on which he used more than once throughout the course of a week. The result?...

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Mars Edit 2.3 adds Tumblr support

MarsEdit has long been one of my Mac apps and save my writings for TUAW and Download Squad, it's what I use for almost all of my online publishing. For almost two years, I've been embroiled in a love/hate relationship with Tumblr. I love the idea of the service, but until recently, the simplicity ...

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Widget Watch: Tumblr widget version 3

Here's something for everyone who uses Tumblr. Version 3 of the Tumblr Dashboard widget is available with some cool new features. It can publish posts, links, quotes, and web photos. Also, it puts a dash (-) in front of the source on a quote, which looks nice on your post. I've tried it out and it ...

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Widget Watch: Tumblr widget 2.0

Tumblr is a unique 'tumble blog' service that gives users a no hassles, no frills blog, and a simple bookmarklet with which to quickly post text, videos, pictures and even chats. For those who feel Blogger or WordPress are a little much to manage, or if you simply don't feel like you have that much ...

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Tumblr now has Dashboard widgets, Quicksilver add-on

Tumblr is a unique new tumblelog service that employs a KISS philosophy: offering a very streamlined, one-column layout and a clever bookmarklet that is smart about what you're trying to share on your Tumblr blog. While the minimalist templates can be edited by hand to include just about anything yo...

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