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How to use Photoshop's Lens Blur tool for tilt-shift fakery (Part 1 of 2)

We all know Photoshop is a powerful tool. In two tutorials, I'll take you through how to use Photoshop CS3's Lens Blur filter to do two things: today, we'll make images look like they were shot with a tilt-shift lens. Tomorrow, we'll create clipping masks for objects that aren't entirely in focus....

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Apple iWork for Business online seminar

Apple has posted a online seminar on using iWork '08 in a business environment. Presented together with Rebecca Breitenkamp, the CFO of a biotech company that uses iWork internally, the half-hour video goes over some of the basic ways that Pages, Numbers, and Keynote can be used in a corporate set...

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iPhone contact icon tutorial

Here's a fun little tutorial by Ged from Iconfactory, showing how to easily use icons (exported to a certain size) as contact images for the iPhone. His example is with the Dino-o-Matic icons from IF, which are (cheer!) free this week, but the fact is that this is a great idea for almost any contac...

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HOWTO: Rotate your video in QuickTime Pro

Today with so many of us using our digital cameras to shoot short video segments, it's especially easy to forget that we're dealing with videos and turn the camera on its side for a portrait orientation. Unfortunately, most video programs are not set up to handle portrait video. The video ends up d...

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How To: Using your Mac as a NAT router

No doubt you know that sharing your internet connection on your Mac is easy. For instance, if want to turn any Mac with a built-in Airport card into a wireless router (e.g. with a cable or DSL modem plugged into the built-in ethernet port), all you have to do is go to the Sharing pane of your S...

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Learn Cocoa, Part II

When we posted about Part I of Scott Stevenson's Learn Cocoa tutorial, some people complained that there wasn't actually any coding involved. Well Part II at least introduces what Scott calls "Thinking in Code" and begins to dig a little deeper into what is required to actually use Xcode to write a ...

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PDF iPod Tutorial

If someone you know just got their first iPod, you might want to steer them towards this free iPod Tutorial. In PDF format, this tutorial introduces new users to all the basics of iPod use from creating an account at the iTunes Store to using the Hold switch to iPod software updates. The 27-page tut...

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Found Footage: Trash Talk

I found this OS X trash primer over at YouTube in the new video listings. For many of you readers this is going to be old news--how to throw away locked or busy files--but for those of you who are new to OS X and the Macintosh, you may appreciate the basic how-to steps that the video offers. You ...

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Tutorial: Customize your disk images

MurphyMac has posted a video tutorial showing how to customize your dmg containers to make them look more professional. The tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a disk image, adding a background graphic, and saving the result for production and distribution. A fully customized dmg file ...

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Getting started with Quicksilver: understanding the basics

Prompted by a TUAW reader comment on my post the other day about some Quicksilver fundamentals, I thought I would take a crack at posting some short tutorials on what Quicksilver actually does, and how to get started with it. I'm talking about the most basic of the basics here for anyone who is curi...

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Quicksilver basics: shake hands with your preferences

Yesterday Quicksilver started acting a little goofy, and I wasn't surprised; I have just about every beta and extra turned on as I just can't stop exploring all the neat stuff this app can do. During my troubleshooting efforts I resorted to the simple trick of quitting Quicksilver and simply moving...

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Quicksilver's "Comma Trick"

Today I fall even more deeply in love with Quicksilver, as I have discovered yet another incredibly useful and productive trick from a 43 Folders tutorial. This easy tip, loosely called "the comma trick," allows you first to find more than one item with Quicksilver, then apply an action to...

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MacTV releases screen capture video tutorial

MacTV (no, not that Mac TV) is a videocast that features all sorts of interesting Mac videos. Previous editions have included the Hal 9000 ad (one of my favorites), the original iPod TV spot and a formerly press-only video of Steve introducing the white iBooks (including Reality Distortion Field). T...

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