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GarageBand podcasting tutorials available

Let's say you've made a few podcasts that you're proud of...mostly. There's always room for improvement, right? If you use GarageBand as your main podcasting tool, check out these tutorials at MacProVideo. Tips include using the right EQ settings for your voice, volume management and getting the mos...

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How to make Mac icons

I love trying out new desktop icons from sites like the Iconfactory. In fact, my copy of Pixadex is bursting with nearly 3,000 icons. I guess it was inevitable that I'd eventually want to try to make my own. Luckily, Macinstruct has posted a great tutorial on making icons for the Mac. It's fully ill...

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Apple releases iLife video tutorials

The tireless folks on the iLife team at Apple have released a very nice set of video tutorials for each of the suite's applications. You can browse the videos by topic, and move through each step-by-step clip easily. It's a great place to start getting you hands dirty with the iApps. Check it out (a...

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PBFixit is now iFixit

One of my favorite Mac sites, PBFixit, has been renamed iFixit. iFixit provides parts and great step-by-step repair and upgrade tutorials for the Mac mini, Powerbook G3 (233-500mhz), iBook G3 (300mhz-900mhz) and iBook G4 (800mhz-1.42GHz), plus the titanium and aluminum PowerBooks. The tutorials are ...

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