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Is the Apple TV a dud?

Of all the products Apple has been rolling out in the past few years, the Apple TV is easily one of the most debated. While I haven't seen any specific figures from Apple on how well or poorly the device is selling, Apple's first foray into the living room seems to be getting off to at least a dec...

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iTunes collects season finales for you

Say what you will about the video quality of iTunes content, but it sure is convenient to download an episode or two of a show that you missed when it aired. The web elves that run the iTunes Store are determined to make it even more convenient it would seem, as they have gathered all the TV season ...

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TV Shows: automatic torrent finder

This falls into the category of we report, you decide (what to do with it). TV Shows is an open source project that simplifies bittorrenting. It is not itself a Bittorrent client, rather it interfaces tvRSS together with your bittorrent client (whatever it happens to be) to let download shows autom...

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Sony TV shows added to the iTunes Store

Macworld reports that some Sony shows have just been added to the iTunes store. Amongst the new offerings are: Charlie's Angels NewsRadio Starsky and Hutch Till Death Spiderman All the more content for that brand new Apple TV you just bought (you knew I had to work that in somehow)....

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Disney iTunes sales top 1.3 million movies

After just three months, Disney has sold more than 1.3 million movies through the iTunes store. Fears that digital sales would cannibalize DVD sales led to recent disagreements with retail partners like Target, however, those fears seem to be unfounded as brick and mortar DVD sales remain healthy. E...

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