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Review: Elgato's EyeTV Mobile for Dyle

Elgato has been making video hardware for a number of years, and typically I've found the offerings to be as good as any given consumer would need. As hardware has gotten better, Elgato's offerings have been able to pump out HD signals to your Mac or iOS device. Here I'll review an odd duck, a ...

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Time Warner Cable's iOS app updated with on-demand video

Time Warner Cable subscribers now have access to on-demand programming on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to a major update to the company's official iOS app. Now available on the App Store, version 3.0 of TWC TV also supports the iPhone 5's full display and is said to be faster and more sta...

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The Simpsons skewer iPad obsession with A Tree Grows In Springfield

This past Sunday night The Simpsons ran an episode with what has now become a semi-regular guest star: Mapple Computer. This episode devoted a considerable chunk of the story to Homer's obsession with his newly won MyPad. I can't give away any more due to spoilers, but suffice it to say the man...

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Apple running embedded exploding, bouncing iPod ads on websites

Apple recently debuted a TV ad for the iPod that is now hitting websites, according to a report in 9to5 Mac. The embedded web ad features a bunch of iPods bouncing and exploding all over your screen with the very catchy tune "Yeah Yeah" from Willy Moon. The ad was spotted on indie music review ...

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Dyle brings live TV to iOS with some big limitations

While there are plenty of ways to watch TV programming on iOS devices, including iTunes episode downloads and apps from networks such as HBO, options to watch live television have been limited. We've looked at Aereo, but while we were impressed by its functionality, it's only available in New Y...

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If you're a home theater fan, you will want this iPad app

Home Theater Magazine has released Home Theater Top Picks for iPad, which has capsule coverage and pricing of audio and video equipment that's been reviewed favorably in the magazine. The app is divided into categories such as flat-panel displays, processors & amps, furniture and more. If y...

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Apple's bouncy new iPod TV ad

A new and very eye-catching ad featuring Apple's iPod line appeared on television in the US last night. Called "Bounce," the ad shows all of the colorful new iPods bouncing and exploding into other iPods, all to the tune of Willy Moon's "Yeah Yeah" in the background. It's one of the most col...

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DirecTV iPhone app now streams selected content

DirecTV has updated its iPhone app to support streaming, but many channels remain unavailable, including news channels like Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Fortunately, entertainment shows and movies from HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Encore are included. The programs aren't live but available via stream-on-d...

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Shazam hits 250 million users, lets you tag TV shows

Shazam is one of those nearly magical apps that has been around since 2008. If you hear some music, you use Shazam to identify it by just holding it up and allowing the app to match it up with its database. The service makes money off partnerships and a sort of subscription services for its hardc...

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Dijit's NextGuide finally gets personalized TV and streaming video guides right

Part of the difficulty Apple is going to have with any next-generation, disruptive Apple TV product is corralling all the stakeholders, rights owners and interested parties. Luckily there are already other solutions for finding, watching and saving video on TV or via streaming services. Enter N...

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Elgato releases EyeTV Mobile for iPad, iPhone

Elgato used Germany's IFA 2012 tradeshow as a springboard to announce a new version of its EyeTV Mobile product for the iPhone and iPad. The dongle connects to the dock connector and lets a user receive DVB-T broadcasts on their iOS device. Due to improved chip technology, the latest version of...

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Updated TV Guide app includes celebrity watchlists and guest-curated channels

Last night the TV Guide app for iOS was updated to include a few new features, plus a few bugfixes and performance tweaks. I spoke to's GM Christy Tanner about the update and learned a few interesting stats about the service itself. If you're already a fan of the app, this is a great ...

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GetGlue app gets update, has millions of users

GetGlue has been around for about two years; it was the first social networking app that let you check in and review TV shows, movies, and books. In that time, the app has captured a community of 3 million fans who have contributed over 500 million checkins and reviews. Now GetGlue is announcin...

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Apple rolls out new "All on iPad" ad

Apple has rolled out the latest in its TV ads highlighting everything you can do on an iPad, showing off the retina display. This comes out hours after the company was reported to have stopped its "Genius" ads that were shown in the opening days of the Olympics. The new ad features the Twit...

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U.S. District Court denies preliminary injunction vs. Aereo, says live TV can be broadcasted to iOS devices

A U.S. district judge has ruled in favor of Aereo in denying a preliminary injunction to broadcasters suing the startup, saying the TV service is allowed to relay live programming to iPhones, iPads and other devices in New York City -- for now. Judge Alison Nathan said that even though she wa...

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