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Atmospheir launches its bid to make business cards obsolete

Social networks used to be a way to organize and keep track of your friends and collegues, but with the number of different digital personas most of us now have, it just might be time for a network to keep track of our networks. At least that's what Atmospheir is betting on, with its über...

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TUAW video tip: How to "double-wrap" your MacBook power adapter (updated)

It's the Mac tip that's taking the Internet by storm! Just yesterday, Twitter user J Cornelius tweeted out the following: MacBook Pro tip: Use the small cable to hold the big cable in place. - J Cornelius (@jc) December 10, 2013 Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands...

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Twitter releases major update for iOS with improved timelines, DMs, more

Twitter released a major update of its iOS app today. Twitter version 6.0 features an all-new design and way to interact with your Home, Activity and Discover feeds. Now users can simply swipe between them in the Timeline. Another huge improvement: Easier access to Direct Messages, which now have...

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Apple buys Twitter analytics firm Topsy for over $200 million

Apple already benefits greatly from social media hype surrounding its product reveals, and now the company is looking to get super serious about Twitter. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has bought up Topsy Labs Inc., a San Francisco-based social search and analytics firm. The...

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Twitter for iOS updated with better search, trending TV and local discovery

Twitter has released an update to its iOS client that offers a few cool new features and improvements. The most noticeable is an improved search function. A number of filters have been added to search, which makes looking for specific content easier and faster. Now you can filter your searches to...

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Twitter will use a ton of your mobile device info for targeted ads, hooray!

We all love ads (no we don't) and if there's one thing we love even more than random ads (which we don't love), it's ads that are very clearly targeted at our mobile devices because a social network (which we trusted) is using our device info against us (which is pretty lame), right? In a blog...

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iPhone used to report on Arab Spring donated to Smithsonian

In late 2010, a series of anti-government protests and demonstrations began sweeping across the Arab world. Together, these civil uprisings, which often targeted heavy handed dictators and sought political reforms, comprised what is known as the Arab Spring. Social media tools such as Twitter...

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Twitter for iOS adds in-line video and image previews

In version 5.1.2 of the official app, Twitter users can view picture and video previews directly in their timelines, instead of having to click a link to be taken to the preview as in past versions of the app. In addition to the image and video previews, Twitter has also made it easier to...

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Vine updates to add drafts and editing tools

Your Vines are about to become significantly more watchable. The Twitter-owned social video-sharing app has released a new update that adds a new "Sessions" feature, which allows you to save videos in drafts. That's right. No more being forced to finish a Vine perfectly the first time and then...

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Nokia declares 'Announce a Tablet Day,' rubs elbows with Apple while teasing Samsung

While Apple's announcement of two new iPhones in September prompted the company's key competitors to launch tongue-in-cheek "attacks" on Twitter, today's iPad reveal hasn't had the same effect. In fact, rather than jump at the chance to poke fun at Apple, Nokia -- who just announced its new...

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T-Mobile CEO uses his iPhone to tweet praise for Galaxy Note 3

When you're the CEO of a major wireless carrier you need to make sure you show no bias towards one manufacturer over another. That must be why T-Mobile boss John Legere used his iPhone to tweet about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 earlier today. So just what would Legere do without his Note 3? Well,...

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Twitter updates TweetDeck for Mac

Twitter has updated TweetDeck, its OS X app for power users. The app makes it easy for users to manage multiple Twitter accounts, sift through and search tweets, and track real-time conversations. It's frequently used by social media administrators whose sole job it is to monitor and tweet under a...

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Daily Update for October 9, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires...

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iOS 7 video tip: View tweeted links in Mobile Safari

Today's video tip highlights a little-known feature in Safari under iOS 7. At any time while you're using the mobile browser, tap on the bookmarks button, then tap the "@" button to see links that have been shared via Twitter by people you follow. Once you've found a link you want to look at,...

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TUAW's list of best Twitter accounts for Apple fans to follow

Macworld UK recently compiled a list of Twitter accounts that Apple fans should follow. The list covered the executives at Apple who have verified accounts and some notable Apple analysts. We are going to expand their list and add in developers, bloggers and other notable Apple pundits that you...

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