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Dev Juice: Help me generate unique identifiers

Dear Dev Juice, Can you help me generate a unique identifier for my iOS apps? I don't want to rely on using UDIDs anymore. I'd say why but then you'd have to shoot me. Watm-ever Dear Watm-ever That sounds dire. Let's avoid the violence and focus on the Core Foundation. Here you go. If ...

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iOS 5 deprecates UDID as identifier for developers, but it's not the end of the world

Reading the headlines today, you'll see the usual exaggeration of half-understood factoids bubble out from today's iOS 5 beta 6 release. Thank goodness for that NDA, huh? As reported by our sister site TechCrunch, Apple is deprecating the use of UDIDs as unique identifiers for developers, thereb...

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Reports of iOS developer account shutdowns may be erroneous (Updated)

A report from Karthikk.net alleges that Apple has begun shutting down the accounts of iOS developers who have sold "slots" on their accounts to users wanting to run iOS 5 betas on their devices without paying the US$99 yearly development fee. For a while now, developers have been offering to att...

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iPhone 101: Find UDID with a single click

Apple has given developers a way to beta test iPhone applications with up-to 100 iPhones. Some developers have already started using this to their advantage by giving their software out as free public betas. However, you must supply a developer with your iPhone's UDID (unique device identifier) in o...

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