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Apple to improve Notification Center with fresh talent

Apple is looking outside its ranks and hiring a college student to help revise its iOS notification system. This isn't any college student. The new hire is Jan-Michael Cart, the whizkid who created a clever mocked up Notification Center redesign and then posted it to YouTube. Cart will join App...

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On UI inconsistency in iOS 5

A while back, designer Jake Marsh commented on an inconsistency in Apple's use of linen textures in iOS 5 (hat tip to Daring Fireball). In both OS X Lion and iOS 5, the linen texture is "underneath" other UI elements in almost every instance. In Lion, linen textures lie beneath the Mission Cont...

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Why Siri is like skeuomorphic UIs: the magic is just skin deep

By now you've probably heard of the widely reported case of Siri's alleged pro-life stance. Walking the dogs this morning, I thought through what I hoped would be an interesting blog post about what I feel this means about Apple and our relationship to technology. I see an interesting link here b...

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Former Apple interface expert rants on Microsoft's "Vision of the Future" video

A few weeks ago Microsoft came out with a future of productivity video proposing a very touchscreen-based future for us humans. A former human-computer interface inventor for Apple, Brett Victor, has picked apart this video in a beautifully designed "rant" on his site, essentially taking Micros...

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Dev Juice: Help me fix my UIView animations

Dear Dev Juice, I'm having an issue with UIView animations, that I'm struggling to describe in keywords, so I can't find anything helpful with Google. The problem is that I can't seem to work out how to make a UIButton move relative to the bottom of the parent view, as I shrink the parent view....

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Usability study finds many iPad apps still need to work on their UI

The Nielsen Norman Group did a usability study on iPad apps not long after the device's debut in 2010. A year later, they've done a followup study to see how things fare today. While most apps have made big strides in overall usability in the year since the iPad's debut, many of the apps covered...

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Apple scraps iOS-like slider tabs in latest Mac OS X Lion build

Hear that? It's a big sigh of relief from Mac users everywhere. In the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Preview Developer Build, Apple has scrapped the switch/slider tabs that were borrowed UI elements from iOS. As you can see from the image above, Apple has chosen to move away from the Aqua interfa...

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iPad apps produce unique fingerprint patterns

You may have seen click heatmaps before -- they're a visual representation of where user mice have clicked on a web page. The iPad, as this post from Design Language News shows, has its own built-in heatmap: the oils and residue left on the iPad's screen after you use a certain app. It's kind of gr...

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Put a Windows Phone 7 theme on your iPhone

Been trying to think of a way to try out a new Windows phone without crossing over to the dark side switching sides? If that's the case and you have been looking for a way to recreate the Windows Phone 7 interactive theme on your iPhone or iPod touch, Wyndwarrior's "OS7" is available in public beta...

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Chopper 2 for Mac controlled by iPhone

You've probably seen Chopper 2 here on TUAW before -- we originally covered the app's iPad-out-to-TV feature and then chatted with creator David Frampton back at WWDC last year. With the news of the Mac App Store coming soon, Frampton has decided to port the game over to the Mac, and since he alread...

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TUAW's Daily App: FlightBoard

I can't say I'm a huge traveler -- even though I've hit up quite a few conventions this year for work, I haven't been flying so much that I need to keep tabs on what's going on at the airport. But I like the idea of FlightBoard anyway. It's an app that will automatically create a departing flights ...

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iPhone Post It Notes take your Apple love analog

Here's a useful tool for developers who want to sketch out UI ideas for iPhone apps. These clever Post-It Notes from Apps-on and 3M have a 20 pixel grid on the drawing surface, and feature the exact dimensions of the iPhone 4. So, you can draw your ideas in a perfect 1:1 scale. There are 50 sheets p...

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Three apps for iPhone that look great on iPad

Universal binaries? These apps don't need no stinking universal binaries! That is, the following three apps are not tuned for iPads. A universal binary will switch to the "iPad version" of the app for that device. So you might have MobileStudio on your iPhone, but it also looks great on the iPad ...

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Marking out iPhone app icons on the iPad

David Frampton has an interesting idea for how to display non-universal iPhone apps on the iPad: put a black border around them, much like how iPhone apps will display if they are not scaled-up. I think it's a brilliant idea. It makes them distinguishable, but at the same time seems not too obv...

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Voices that Matter iPhone: August Trometer on UI design and the iPad

August Trometer is a veteran iPhone and Mac developer -- along with his own stable of titles, he's also one of the developers behind the popular Yowza!! mobile coupon app, and the author of a book on web development for Apple's handheld device. He spoke not once but twice on the first day of the Vo...

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