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O2, Vodafone launching 4G in the UK on August 29

Up until now, those with an iPhone 5 or compatible iPad who wanted 4G service in the UK could only get it from one provider: EE. But thankfully that will change at the end of the month, as O2 and Vodafone have announced they will be offering 4G service in the UK come August 29. On O2, 4G will at ...

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iPhone owners in the UK get more 4G coverage through EE

The UK is trailing behind other countries when it comes to 4G availability. Right now there's only one mobile operator -- EE -- offering 4G. That's set to change by the end of the year when virtually every carrier in the UK will offer the super-fast mobile internet service. But if you're already o...

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And so it begins: Royal Baby App hits App Store

Future PLC puts out some incredible titles: MacLife, PC Gamer, T3 and dozens more. But being a publisher, they're always looking for new stuff to sell, so if it had to be anybody, why not them? The company has just released the Royal Baby App that, you guessed it, is dedicated to the impending arr...

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Bank of England releases app to show off all its gold bling

The Bank of England has released an interesting educational app called Bank of England Virtual Tour. The app gives users a virtual tour inside the Bank of England via panoramic interactive photos. The coolest part is that it lets you go inside the Bank of England's gold vault. The BoE stores over ...

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EE expands UK 4G coverage to 11 new markets

Sadly for iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad owners, 4G coverage has been slow to roll out in the UK. Currently if you want 4G, there is only one player in the whole country -- EE. Even EE's 4G service isn't available in many parts of the UK. But thankfully as of last week, the telecoms company e...

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Logging in to 'The Cloud' WiFi networks in the UK just got a lot easier

In the UK there are over 18,000 WiFi hotspots known as "The Cloud" that users can join to get free or low-cost WiFi to their devices while out and about. Now "The Cloud" owner BSkyB has updated its WiFi FastConnect Hotspot Locator app to make logging into the cloud network easier than ever from yo...

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Video: London resturant delivers food via iPad-controlled quadrocopter

A restaurant here in London is delivering its customers' food orders in a unique way: via an iPad-controlled quadrocopter. The Yo! Sushi restaurant in Soho is promoting its new sushi burgers by delivering them to diners' tables via the "iTray" -- a quadrocopter fitted with a tray for the food, con...

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Subway UK restaurant app adds Passbook support

Things have been on a roll lately for Passbook-supported apps outside of North America. First it was easyJet, then British Airways and then iTunes Festival London. Now the Subway UK app has finally gained Passbook support. The new Subway UK app, Subcard, lets customers scan their iPhones at check...

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3's data network dies, UK iPhone owners left without 3G

Last night I was walking my dog and I went to check my iPhone and noticed I didn't have a 3G signal. Sadly, this was nothing new since I am on UK network 3. I chose the network because they have unlimited data sim-only plans, but I soon discovered it's hard to get a signal a lot of times -- especi...

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Apple announces Justin Timberlake, Jessie J to headline this year's iTunes Festival in London

Apple today announced the dates of this year's iTunes Festival in London. It will run from September 1-30 at the Roundhouse in the Camden area of London. This year's festival will be headlined by artists including Justin Timberlake, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson and Jessie J. A total of 60 arti...

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Apple's two-step ID now rolling out to a worldwide release

Apple recently introduced two-step verification for your Apple ID in certain countries, and the process is now being expanded to the rest of the world. The feature, which requires two different codes for verifying your Apple ID (if you want to be extra safe) was initially only available in the US,...

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For first time ever BBC iPlayer watched on more tablets than smartphones

The BBC has released its March 2013 BBC iPlayer Performance Pack, which breaks down the viewing habits of those using the company's iPlayer video streaming service. For the first time ever, BBC iPlayer views on a tablet, like the iPad, outpaced views on smartphones, like the iPhone. Though tabl...

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Apple could face 'legal undertakings' in UK over in-app purchases

Remember the UK police officer who reported his son to authorities for fraud after the 13-year-old ran up a US$5,600 bill for in-app purchases on the iOS App Store? That kind of unexpected consumer cost has thrown the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) into a tizzy, and they've announced that th...

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New Apple Stores set to open in UK and Germany

We heard earlier this year that Apple was planning to expand its retail business "disproportionately outside the US," and it looks like that plan is being put into motion starting now. In addition to a new Apple Store opening up this Thursday in Leeds, UK, the company has posted job listings fo...

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Dear Apple, you need to treat multi-country iTunes users like first-class citizens

Dear Apple, It's time you start treating multi-country iTunes users like first-class citizens. Let me explain: I've had an iTunes account for almost a decade now. I opened it in the US in 2003 and have since bought thousands of songs, TV shows, movies, and apps. But also in that time I've m...

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