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TUAW TV Live redux: New MacBook Air unboxing video

If you attended our liveblog of yesterday's Back to the Mac event, you were introduced to Sam Levin, a Bay Area PR guy who also happens to love Apple products. Sam was our man-on-the-street for the liveblog, sitting in the audience and giving us a firsthand view of the proceedings. On his way out of...

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Apple TV deliveries begin -- we have unboxing photos and video

Several TUAW readers have let us know that their Apple TVs have arrived, and reader Clint even sent us a link to his MobileMe gallery of his official unboxing of the new device. As you can see from the photos, the thing is tiny. The Apple TV comes packaged with a power cord, a remote, a small use...

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Found footage: Stop-motion iPhone 4 disassembly

The iPhone 4's insides are no secret anymore. The folks at iFixit alone have done a stellar job of documenting its every bit and bob. Still, the video above is worth watching. Created by repair firm Techrestore and composed of over 1,700 still photos, it's a highly entertaining stop-motion disa...

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Chocolate covered iPad looks tasty

Your wife loves chocolate, and you know she's been eying that 1.5+ lb. bar at the local Trader Joe's like a lion does a gazelle. She's also a massive Apple fan who's been dying for a shiny new iPad for months. Birthday time: the bar, or the iPad? If you're a cheap SOB, you get the bar and call i...

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Friday Flickr Find: Unboxing an iPad, LEGO style

For many of us Apple geeks, unboxing your new product is *almost* as much fun as actually using it. And while there are several ways to show off the event, having the box opened entirely by LEGO minifigures photography is probably one of the most creative and interesting ones I've seen. Enter ...

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Found Footage: self-unboxing iPad

This is -- for me, personally -- one of the greatest unboxing videos I've ever seen. Not to oversell it, but the sheer simplicity of a self-unboxing iPad is beautiful. The complete lack of commentary (or even a human) makes it short enough that even my attention span, frazzled by years of short song...

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TUAW TV Live -- Unboxing the iPad

If you were watching TUAW this morning, you probably saw blogger Steve Sande doing live video from the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, CO. He's home now, and will be doing live streaming video of the unboxing! ...

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TUAW Video: Unboxing the iPad

Video number one appears above, and the other videos appear in the posts linked below. We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to get our grubby palms on the iPad early enough to get these clips to you now. They may not have the smooth production values of Apple's walkthroughs, but they were m...

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Stephen Fry unboxes his iPad

Actor/comedian Stephen Fry has published a brief but oh-so-tantalizing iPad unboxing video. Above you'll see Stephen open the Apple-branded case, the iPad itself (complete with a dramatic and thoroughly warranted wooshing sound), the 10W adapter and keyboard dock. He also grabbed the non-keyboa...

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Magic Mouse unboxing video: Man vs. Tape

Let me disclose straight away that I've opened packaging on just about every major Apple product released over the past five years and never exerted such effort in opening a little plastic container -- which by the way resembles something you would find sitting on a shelf at Pottery Barn. But se...

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Unboxing an Apple employee t-shirt

A little while back we posted about the unboxing of an Apple job offer, and now here's another unboxing having to do with becoming an Apple employee -- Mac Rumors has shots up of an unboxing of one of the t-shirt giftboxes recently given to AppleCare call center staff, and once again, even in somet...

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Unboxing... an Apple job offer

This is exactly the kind of thing we love to see here at TUAW (and thanks for sending it along, Danny) -- Glyph of the Twisted project got a job offer from Apple last week, and over on his blog, he posts a set of unboxing pics. Which might sound silly (an unboxing for a new hire packet?), but whe...

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Honey, they shrunk the boxes: FCS now in convenient nano size

There's more on the inside, where it counts, but the boxes are definitely downsized: over at, Peter Esse has posted his comparative unboxing pictures from Logic Studio and Final Cut Studio 2 to the newly announced and shipping versions (note that Apple is just calling the product "Final Cu...

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iPhone 3G S Launch: Unboxing video, Steve Sande style

Ahhhh. The smell of new electronics, released from their cardboard box after a week long journey from Shenzhen, China to Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The texture of a clean, fresh iPhone encased in its plastic wrapper. The fun of finding not one, but two little Apple stickers in your package. Yeah, ...

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iPhone 3G S: first impressions on buying, smudges and what's in the box

It's here, it's here! Check out the gallery below for what's in the box. Same as usual: headphones (the earbuds with volume control), sync cable, manuals (one called "Finger Tips" -- cute), the phone and a metal tool for popping the SIM out. The Finger Tips manual is updated to show off the new feat...

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