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Plants vs. Zombies coming to iPhone on February 15th

Yes, PopCap is at it again -- this time, their crazy addictive (just like all of their games) take on the tower defense genre, Plants vs. Zombies, is headed off to the iPhone. They just tweeted confirmation a little while ago, and released this trailer showing all of the flower vs. undead action ...

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Family-friendly Zombies on the iPhone

We have a lot of apps coming through our tipline, but this one caught my eye, not only because it is called Zombies (the stumbling undead always catch my eye), but because it offers up a bit of good old-fashioned fun in the form of a Daleks!-style remake. Gameplay is simple and straighforward -- ...

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Zombie Apocalypse: The Computing Perspective

Today, David Hambling over at Wired posted about surviving a Zombie Apocalypse through best practices. What's missing from this article, however, is the IT spin on things. As you know, zombies are primarily Wintel users, formed from the primordial ooze of Enterprise computing and minimal IT support ...

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