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App Genie is 26 apps in 1

App Genie [iTunes link] takes a lot of little apps and combines them into one for U.S. $0.99. Even if you only use 4 or 5 that's a good price. Some of the apps require web access, some require the 3GS iPhone, and the weather app only works in the U.S. Here are a few I found useful... and some not...

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Win a copy of Convert for your iPhone or iPod touch

Convert is, as you might suspect, a tool for converting ducks to witches. No, wait! It's a simple conversion tool for your iPhone or iPod touch. Convert bears a slight resemblance to ConvertBot with a big, blue readout and simple gray icons, but I prefer Convert's simpler interface. You'll find the ...

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First Look: Equivalence for iPhone

Keeping with the famous science teacher saying of "every number must have a unit," Equivalence (iTunes link) is the one-stop converter for all things units. Did we say "one-stop?" Why yes we did, because Equivalence can convert between over 260 units in 31 categories. Once of the nice features of E...

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iPhone firmware hints at new widgets, including MobileRadio

Tyler over at iPhoneology went diving into the iPhone's firmware, and found a preference file called "DefaultApplicationState.plist," apparently a list of widgets placed by Apple inside the iPhone. Except that there's a few that we can't actually use yet... com.apple.unitconverter com.apple.widget....

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