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NYPost: Apple paying major music labels up to $150 million for rights to music on iCloud

The New York Post is reporting that three separate sources have told them Apple is paying the big four music labels between $100-150 million for the rights to distribute their music through the new iCloud service, which is set to debut on Monday. Their sources say that each label will get betwe...

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Official WWDC app available now

Apple has released an official WWDC app for next week's developer conference, now available for both iPhone and iPad. The app includes a full schedule of events and the ability to make up your own custom schedule, detailed floor maps to see where everything is, and even up-to-date conference ne...

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Apple, publishers reportedly close to completing cloud music deal

Apple's music streaming service is inching closer to launch according to industry sources. Earlier rumors suggest Apple already inked licensing agreements with three of the four major record labels, including EMI Music, Warner Music and Sony Music. The one remaining holdout is Universal Music, wh...

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Sony joins EMI and Warner in Apple cloud music service

Three down, one to go. Just a day after CNET suggested that EMI joined Warner Music Group in allowing Apple to distribute their music over a cloud-based service, now Bloomberg is claiming that Apple has also officially inked a deal with Sony Music. That leaves just one of the big four music lab...

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YouTube seals deals with major studios to compete with iTunes

Google-owned YouTube plans to expand the premium on-demand video rental services offered through its website. Earlier this week, Google and YouTube reportedly closed deals with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Universal and Lionsgate to offer filmed content from these studios as str...

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Violet strikes again in the Mystery Next Door: an interactive iOS children's book

Our friend Violet is back in the third original installment of this excellent modern series of interactive children's books from My Black Dog Books LLC. Violet and the Mystery Next Door (US$3.99) is a universal app that looks great in landscape mode on any iOS device. The book tells the story of h...

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iMovie and Garageband now available for iPad

As expected, iMovie and GarageBand are now available on the App Store for the iPad 2 when it releases later on this week. iMovie is actually just a universal update, since the app was already available for the iPhone, but it won't run on the original iPad (GarageBand will, however). Both apps a...

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Adult Swim releases free universal app with full episodes in the app

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming division has been surprisingly Mac-friendly -- not only has it produced a number of great iOS games already, but its shows have included a number of Mac references as well (always in the service of comedy, of course). I guess it's no surprise that Adult Swim ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Super Soviet Missile Mastar

Hail, comrades of Unofficial Weblog of Apple! Our kind and generous comrades at gaming developer The Behemoth (crafters of the great Castle Crashers entertainment for Xbox Live) have blessed the people of Mother Russia with a free iOS arcading game, available at the current time in your stores of A...

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Doodle Jump makes deal with Universal, gets movie tie-in

Here's an interesting story out of Macworld this week. Doodle Jump, recently featured as the Top Paid App of all time, is going to Hollywood, but not quite in the way you might think. Rather than a Doodle Jump movie, the movies are instead coming to Doodle Jump, as Universal has announced a deal to...

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Yelp's iOS app goes universal

I have to say, I really like the Yelp app on my iPhone. Of course, I'm in LA where there are plenty of full listings for all kinds of things; I can see how Yelp might not be quite as useful in a less populated area. But when I need to find a new restaurant or where a certain retail place is, I've f...

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Carcassone app going universal, gets higher price to match

Carcassone, the iOS version of the European board game, has quickly become an App Store favorite after its release, and now iPad owners can get in on the fun. The app is going universal, so it will not only run on both devices natively, but it will also have a completely enhanced UI for the bigger ...

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TUAW's Daily App: mGifts

It's Thanksgiving week, Black Friday is coming up quick, and that means that we're knee deep in gift-shopping season. If you don't quite know what you're getting or where to get it yet, mGifts can probably help. It can't actually recommend gifts for you (we here at TUAW can take care of that part), ...

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John Carmack talks about Rage SD and HD, iOS, and what's next for iOS gaming

We've all seen the potential of what a demo like Epic Citadel can do, but while work continues on Infinity Blade, John Carmack's id Software has released Rage, an iOS-exclusive tie-in to the big FPS console and PC title scheduled to come out next year. The game is a pretty incredible feat in and of...

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DOS emulator for iOS released, runs Windows 3.0

This seems like the kind of thing that Apple wouldn't want on the App Store (and indeed, it may soon disappear when they figure it out), but then again, after the relaxing of the rules, maybe they're OK with this one. Touch Arcade has discovered iDOS on the App Store -- it's a DOSbox-based disk oper...

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