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Apple releases Final Cut Express HD 3.5

Apple has released Final Cut Express HD 3.5, what they are calling "a significant upgrade" to their "software solution for video enthusiasts, schools and small businesses". It is now a Universal Binary, and amongst its new features is Dynamic RT for real-time playback of multi-streamed effects and ...

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EazyDraw 2.0 - illustration and drawing for Mac OS X

EazyDraw dubs itself as a "balanced vector drawing application," and from browsing its feature list, that sounds just about right. It looks like it has a nice array of illustration tools and abilities including some CAD-related features like wall and window tools, as well as drawing on a grid. Eazy...

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Quake II X goes Universal

Thanks to an independent developer, Quake II has perhaps become the oldest game to have been updated as a Universal Binary on Mac OS X. In order to use this software to play Quake II, you will still need a full copy of the game to grab some of the core game files, and I think the full source from i...

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Real Player goes universal

Real Player 10.1 has been made available, and it's a universal binary! Hooray, now I can stare at "Buffering..." without relying on Rosetta! Forgive me if I rate this one a big "yawn." Real Player 10.1 requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or later. [Via Cult of Mac]...

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Stuffit 10.1 finally goes Universal, loses installer

Allume Systems has finally cranked out a (beta) Universal Binary of their 'hate it but gotta have it lying around' free Stuffit Expander. It seems they were going for bonus points with this release, as they removed some of the 'hate it' factor by finally doing away with an installer; it is now a DnD...

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Universal Binary Shake 4.1 to be Released in May

Macworld UK is reporting today that a universal binary of Shake 4.1--Apple's professional compositing and rendering software--will be released in May. This is another sign that we'll likely see Intel-powered towers sooner rather than later, perhaps even as early as June....

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Sims 2 goes Universal, Apple posts University trailer

These must've slipped past our radar, but last week Aspyr Media gave Universal Binary powers to The Sims 2. A patch has been released that will update any previous version to 1.0 Rev D. Along with UB support in this patch is also a list of fixes that I found over at Inside Mac Games, like zooming wi...

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Someone finally tests Adobe apps on Rosetta vs. PPC

Bare Feats has been busy with their Mac OS X vs XP tests earlier today and now this. From what I can tell, they are probably the first site to post some benchmarks of non-Intel native Adobe apps, specifically Photoshop CS2 and After Effects 7.0. Check out the machines they used, and note the equali...

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Dragthing updated to version 5.6.4

Dragthing, the popular utility by TLA systems, has been updated to version 5.6.4. Dragthing can be used as an alternative to Mac OS X's dock, with more features. In fact, it allows you create several docks that you can organize and arrange as you wish, and access via the tabbed interface or user-def...

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Create universal games with Unity

Unity is the game development platform for the Mac that really does make the job of building games (and Dashboard widgets) kind of fun. Today, Unity announces the availability of version 1.2.2, which will allow you to make sure that all of your projects are universal binaries. So go out and build th...

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Roundup: what you are (or will be) doing with Windows on your Mac

While I'm sure the results will come as no surprise, I still wanted to do a roundup of our TUAW reader survey: What will you do with Windows on your Mac, as there were some interesting comments outside of the norm. Obviously, most of you are planning on using Windows solely to play games (which says...

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Adobe engineer explains delay in Adobe universal binaries

Adobe has taken some heat for delaying universal binary versions of Photoshop and other Creative Suite software until the next scheduled release of those apps. If you're interested in a view of this controversy from the trenches, take a look at this post by Photoshop engineer Scott Byer. Byer starts...

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Close brackets and braces easily with AutoPairs

If you're the type that spends the day staring at a display and typing code, we'd bet you'd appreciate any utility that will make the process easier. Check out AutoPairs. It's a Mac OS X preference pane that closes your brackets, braces and quotes for you. Type a left bracket, for instance, and a ri...

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MacGourmet goes universal

MacGourmet, the recipe manager that behaves much like iTunes and iPhoto, has gone universal with version 1.2 (version 1.2 also includes a variety of bug fixes). We took a look at MacGourmet back in August. It's terrifically handy, and lets you organize your recipes and ingredients, generate shopping...

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Macjournal goes universal

Macjournal, the popular note taking and organizational tool, has gone universal with the release of version 3.3. I have a friend who works as a teacher and uses Macjournal religiously to keep track of students, meetings with parents, etc. It really is pretty handy. Changes in version 3.3 include: ...

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