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Cocktail 4.3 Leopard edition released

It's Cocktail time yet again -- the intrepid folks at Maintain are updating the Leopard version to 4.3, and bringing more utility than ever to the already extremely popular and versatile Unix function and OS X tweaking app. The new version adds the ability to clear harmful files off the system (incl...

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Maintenance utility Cocktail 4.1.4 released

All the way since back when I started using a Mac, the program that's been most recommended to new Mac users in my experience isn't Adium, Transmit, or Quicksilver (although those are certain all terrific apps/reasons to be a Mac owner) -- Cocktail is the one that I've seen on the Top 10 Mac apps mo...

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Freeware Find: IceClean 3.0b

Most of us know that we should perform regular maintenance on our Macs, usually simple things such as doing backups and shaking pizza crumbs out of the keyboard. But did you know that there are a number of UNIX System Tasks that are available for keeping your Mac running at peak performance? A lot o...

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The 25-year-old BSD bug

Today in 1983, "Beat It" by Michael Jackson may have topped the charts, but a slight bug in the *dir() library was found only a few days ago by OpenBSD developer Marc Balmer (no rela -- oh, wait). OS News has the entire amusing tale of the bug in BSD (the UNIX foundation of Mac OS X) that's been ali...

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Here comes your man (viewer)

Man pages have been around since before I was born (circa 1971, actually). The people who will take an interest in this post are most likely familiar with the 'man' documentation format for most UNIX commands. While little has changed in the form and function of the man page – besides spawni...

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New eBook explains Leopard's permissions

Despite John Gruber's longstanding assertion that "Repair Disk Permissions is voodoo," Brian Tanaka has published "Take Control of Permissions in Leopard" for the Take Control series of eBooks. It's part troubleshooting (how to delete stuck files, for example), part tips and tricks (the best ways to...

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Terminal Tips: creating a Spotlight-based gallery

As sexy as Leopard is to me, I'm just as enamored with the powerful UNIX underpinnings of the operating system. I've been toying with a few ways to combine a couple of my favorite command line utilities into something that might prove useful. I won't claim I've achieved a truly practical usage yet, ...

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Cocktail Tiger edition goes to 4.0.1, Leopard edition 4.0.2

Just in case you haven't yet upgraded to Leopard, but still love using Cocktail (that crazy mix of Unix functions for OS X), Maintain has released version 4.0.1 of their Tiger edition. They've fixed some compatibility problems with QuickTime, and added support for clearing font caches in Microsoft O...

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Apple releases Darwin 9.0, Unix foundation of Leopard

Back when the Intel Macs first appeared there was a delay from Apple in releasing Darwin 8, the open-source BSD/Unix foundation of Tiger. Crazy theories were adduced, and bad intentions attributed to Apple, but eventually Darwin 8 for Intel Macs was released. Apple seems to have moved even faster wi...

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iPhone BSD package updated

iPhone developer NerveGas has updated his BSD subsystem in preparation for the new iPhone jailbreak. This new release offers tighter code fixes ("less cruft"), a few additions and a few omissions of less useful items. He also removed libarmfp dependencies. In other words, this release brings iPhone ...

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Play Audio URLs from the iPhone Command Line

You never know when instant karma is gonna getcha. Take my playaudio application. Yesterday, I was chatting with some developer buddies about maybe putting together an Internet radio application and discussing the fact that the Celestial iPhone framework is essentially QuickTime repackaged. While t...

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Leopard achieves UNIX 03 certification

Not being an enterprise IT guy, this story went a little past me, but it's apparently big news to some. With Leopard, Apple has now joined Sun, IBM, and HP as the only four OS vendors to achieve UNIX 03 certification. This is significant because it opens up some interesting possibilities for Apple i...

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ssh on iPhone

Over at the #iphone channel at, the thoroughly awesome NerveGas has figured out how to enable ssh on the iPhone without using restore mode. The secret lies in overwriting an existing binary and plist to trick the iPhone into calling chmod on the Dropbear ssh server and making it execut...

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There and back again: How I broke into the iPhone UNIX files and lived to tell about it

Yesterday, I took my iPhone hacking to the next level. After reading through these instructions at, I downloaded a copy of jailbreak and broke into the iPhone UNIX file system....

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ChangeShortName updated to 1.3

A few weeks ago, in discussing some things not to do with your Mac, one of our commenters asked why changing the shortname (the abbreviated version of your username you see in Terminal, as the name of your 'home folder' or in Get Info windows) is such a nasty bit of business on Mac OS X. Shouldn't i...

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